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    Celtics and 76ers deal

    What if Philly picks Ball, then LA picks Fox (Since Fultz didn't workout there), Celtics pick Jackson (their original target), Phx picks Isaac/Tatum (Since they're loaded with Guards)....then Sac gets Fultz (he visited here right?) :)
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    Tie breaker - Coin flip

    the best outcome for us would be: 1. winning lotto into the #3 spot.....which also bumps the Fakers out of a draft pick :D 2. we then "suffer" the "humiliation" of a pick swap between 3 and 5 (only) 3. we leave the draft with picks 5 and 9 or better yet, but virtually impossible: 1. we win the...
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    The art and agony of the tank (split from game thread)

    Knowing our luck we finish 10th then lose both our picks when NO jumps into the top 3. Smh.
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    Free Agency

    You can thank Ailene Poison for that.
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    Let's Make the Playoffs! & The State of the Opposition

    Please send this to the players emails. They got to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and stop losing to teams they should beat and play hard against good teams.
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    [Game] Kings v. Hornets, 1/25/16. 7PM PST, 10PM EST.

    I just wish they win. Anyone losing to the Sixers can lose any given night. So I hope they win and no one gets injured.
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    [Game] Kings @ Lakers - 1/20/16 - 7:30 PT, 10:30 ET

    I predict the Kings will lose....which means they'll win......which makes me happy!
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    [Game] Kings v. Pelicans - 1/13/16 - 7 PT, 10 ET

    U mean seppuku?
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    Let's Make the Playoffs! & The State of the Opposition

    Since I don't want to say I hope the Fakers win tonight, I'll just say, I hope Memphis loses tonight.
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    Let's Make the Playoffs! & The State of the Opposition

    I wonder how many posts will this thread have at regular season's end if we make or are in play till the end of the season for a playoff spot?
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    NBA: Kings got away with 2 violations while running down clock in win over Pacers (video)

    Well we don't see any call reviews in close games kings lost....
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    [Game] Rockets @ Kings - Tuesday, Dec. 15 - 7 PST, 10 EST

    If only DMC wasn't injured early in the season....
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    Melo fouled on last play of Knicks 2 pt. loss to Kings

    They didn't apologize when they missed the tip last year on the sac mem game.
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    Rondo suspension

    Should've suspended him on the GS game coming up. Oh well, I hope the kings beat the rockets so that it won't be an issue in the W/L column.
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    Rondo suspension

    perfect timing to take some wind out of our sails........F* the NBA.
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    Predict the Kings Record in December

    lose to OKC and GSW. Lose 2/4 in the 4 game road trip Lose 1 other game. 8-5 (this if without any major injuries).
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    [Game] Kings @ Magic - 11/21/15 - 2 PM PST, 5 PM EST

    Knicks win! (I.e. Houston lost) kings climb up the standings.....somewhat.
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    [Game] Lakers @ Kings - 10/30/15 - 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT

    because they have us as a lock for the 6th! (LOL - we will let the media feel worse than after Ted Cruz got done with CNBC!)
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    Rudy Gay is a new father...again. :) (Updated title)

    Has anybody even thought of the psychological and emotional impact on Gay if he misses this once in a lifetime event? Even if the baby won't remember, his wife certainly will. Also that emotional bond that is formed at that moment in time when wife needs you most is more than any bball game...