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    NCAA Basketball about to go Boom

    Put this in the Personnel moves because it could affect draft stocks. This could get ugly.
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    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    Not sure if this is instead of bruno.
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    Parking Year 2

    I got the same lot as last year 728 J Street, Price $15 per game. I got it good last year when they priced it low at $10.50 then raised it. I was expecting $20 or more. the lot at 555 capitol mall is $17.50. Best deal, but no elevators.
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    Otto Porter Max contract offer now moot Looks like the Kings did it. Will see if he signs and if the wizards match.
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    Tie breaker - Coin flip

    For those wondering, the coin flips are done a few days after the season ends. We should know the results this weekend of any tie breakers.
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    CWebb in the house!

    Webb in the house for the opener!
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    Good News!

    Right now the Kings are in first place and dont have a losing record!
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    Thunder are debating trading Westbrook if he doesn't sign an extension now. Rudy, Collison, 1 or 2 first round picks for Westbrook. Yes we can trade 2 future picks 2019/20 - 2023.
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    Uww. Kings sign Matt Barnes

    Seth was rescinded to sign Barnes. Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine 1m1 minute ago The Kings have a deal with Matt Barnes, sources say Sam Amick ‏@sam_amick 1m1 minute ago That was quick: Kings agree to terms with Matt Barnes, I'm told.
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    Bogdan Bogdanovic

    Looks like he will be a big contributor next year.
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    ESPN: Five game-changing NBA draft trades we'd love to see

    Look like they may have got one right this time. If Dunn isn't there I would do it.
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    Cuz out on road games

    for the rest of the year.
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    Laker Drama How to ruin your career in 1 year by D'Angelo Russell.
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    GONE - 2 free tickets for tonight

    First to pm an email address,first and last name. You will need to create or use an existing clicktix account. Lower level row s
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    Cuz status

    Bill Herenda ‏@billherenda 1h1 hour ago *UPDATE* DeMarcus Cousins likely out next 2 games via sources - MRI results R Achilles strain -injured Q2 Sat loss vs #Clippers #Kings #NBA SOB! Glad the new insider or the Bee reporter is on top of things. :rolleyes:
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    Plumlee traded?

    Mason Plumlee ‏@masonplumlee 2m2 minutes ago Thanks to Brooklyn for a great two years !
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    New Arena Ticket Prices

    Well, had a meeting about the new arena's season tickets. My enthusiasm just took a hit. My current seats are 9 rows up $140/ticket. The next row below me is the price jump that gets the in seat service. In the new ESC the first 12 rows are club seating. Club seating gets 2 lounges with food...
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    Go Grizzlies! (Kings Related)

    Anyone else routing for the Griz to spank the Warriors? Hope Karl, Pete and Vivek are paying attention that guard dominate teams are getting blasted by post playing teams.
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    Derrick Williams qualifying offer

    I think everyone agrees that a QO of $8 mil would not be offered. However, that's not the number. His QO is $4,045,894. Time to rethink making the offer.
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    ESPN Pelton's All Defense team

    Surprised this wasn't posted yet.