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  1. The Hammer

    Break it

    I always proclaim my victories far and wide, and once again I was correct. On my recent "Make it or Break it" post, many of you (a suprising amount) read that as me PREDICTING the Kings going on a win streak or a run of wins. You would have been mistaken. It was a post assessing this period of...
  2. The Hammer

    Next 5 weeks = Make or Break

    We are .500 in our past 15 games or so. We just picked off a huge win against a top team. Schedule is favorable over next 5 weeks or so, with many winnable games. If we win more than we lose over this stretch (say until Golden State game Feb 2) our confidence grows and we can keep our eye on...
  3. The Hammer

    Where's Brick!??!

    Come on man... let us know you're alive... I'm happy for Cousins. I knew he was going for 40/20. Btw... the last NBA player who went for 40/20/5 assts... was on the broadcast crew. That's right, Chris Webber, in 2001. What a game.
  4. The Hammer

    The PG Thread

    PGs PGs PGs!!! Do we keep either of Collison or Lawson? Which one? Does Mason surprise and challenge for starter spot or at least significant minutes? Is Fox given the reigns to the team on opening day or does he draft behind a vet for half a season? My answers: I think we keep Collison on...
  5. The Hammer

    Revisiting DMC - again

    I can see that happening but thinking of him compared to DMC, you can see how DMC was shooting himself in the foot with his body language. I was thinking about this recently. The main issue was that he was constantly humiliating the refs with his antics. At a certain point, it's just basic...
  6. The Hammer

    I'm an idiot

    Any questions?
  7. The Hammer

    [Game] Pelicans vs. Rockets Game Thread, 23 FEB 2017, 20:00 ET/17:00 PT

    GO PELS!!! Would love them to steal the last playoff spot from the Kings. Methinks so would Boogie. Too much?
  8. The Hammer

    Crazy thoughts

    What is your craziest, darkest thought or theory as to why this happened? Here's mine. Vivek is still working for the Warriors and is being paid by Lacob to run this team into the ground so as to have sole marketshare for NorCal. Hey it makes more sense than "culture change".
  9. The Hammer

    Spring training started?

    *edited post -- Discuss.
  10. The Hammer

    Another article on the Arena... this from San Jose Mercury News

    And I'm quoted!!!
  11. The Hammer

    Going to the game courtesy of Kayte C!!!

    See the hat in my avatar... the WINNING GEAR!!
  12. The Hammer

    This one's a dandy!!! "According to the sources, Griffin and the equipment staffer got into an argument in a restaurant during the team's trip to Toronto. Griffin hit the man, who then...
  13. The Hammer


    This is going to sound crazy but I think our actual big three are Cuz, Rondo, and WCS. The way he impacts the game is so widespread, and not just on defense. The threat of the lob is a big part of today's game, and it's essentially the opposite of the three ball stretching the defense. At any...
  14. The Hammer

    Looking for cheap seats to Home Opener!!

    I wanna surprise my brother with two tickets to the home opener! Got some feelers out on Craigslist... but does anyone here have any leads on some cheaply priced tickets? Can't afford too too much. Thanks!
  15. The Hammer

    The Kings Will Be Awesome This Year Because

    I'm bored. So I decided to start an awesome thread about the Kings. Seems like a great time to just start listing all the reasons why the Kings will be GOOD this year. This is not a debate thread. Let's stick to the topic! What are your favorite reasons why the Kings will be good this year...
  16. The Hammer

    Original Poetry

    I'll start. I wrote this one early this morning. -- "Grandma" Where is she? Where is she now? The one from my childhood Who saw me. How can she? How can she create The presence of the gentle past As if I possess it, Am honored by it, And charged as it’s steward. She never demanded A thing...
  17. The Hammer

    Thinking of Moving Back home to Sac - Tell me why I should, and shouldn't

    Hey all. Long time poster here, obviously. I grew up in Sac, left at age 18, have grown and changed a lot and had many adventures since, am now 39, close to finishing pre reqs for med school, am a carpenter (looking to get out of that), have done sales, have been a nutritionist, a cook, a...
  18. The Hammer

    Cousins' huge heart

    This is a good man.