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  1. D13

    [Game] Kings vs Mavs, 8/4/2020 11:30AM PST 3:30AM JST

    Let me guess... I have no idea what happened out there... we gotta watch the tape when get back to the hotel room.
  2. D13

    Will Vlade Be Fired/Step Down?

    I say keep Luke another year and see if some stability helps. I think he has respect of the team still. Both Malone and Joerger had crappy first years here. It wasn't until second seasons they showed hope. Maybe get an tough old bull lead assistant on the bench with him (like a Mark Jackson). I...
  3. D13

    Jabari Parker

    We better start playing him so we know what we have.. Good chance he ops in next year. Maybe we could trade, but still some value would help. He's young still and has talent. I'm thinking he just needs an attitude adjustment that comes with age. Let's not give him away and screw up a possible...
  4. D13

    The ongoing saga of Kings injuries

    This shell game crap is a sign of either someone screwed up, or an organization that doesn't respect its fans but needs their support, and money... so they string you out. Just sayin.
  5. D13

    A Decade of Picks. Good Riddance

    2011 - was Jimmer
  6. D13

    What will the starting lineup look like when Bagley returns from injury?

    I think Holmes and Bagley would work nice. Both energy guys and would eat up rebounds. They may clog the paint up a bit more on Fox, but would make up for it with offensive rebounds and put backs. The pairing I'm a more worried about are Bagley and Barnes... they both like to iso a bit too much.
  7. D13

    [Game] Kings @ Suns, Wednesday, October 23rd - 7PT/10ET

    The way I saw it... Fox - Plain, uninspiring, merky decisions, did not set people up, did not run the team, did not pass go. That first wild 3 airball was wtf chucking and set a precedent for crappy ball movement rest of game. Buddy - Did his thing, really couldn't get free much tho, some loose...
  8. D13

    I'll never forgive Petrie for ... (split)

    Petrie was awesome finding diamonds in the late draft during the golden years. He made some good trades too.. and bad (CWebb). Its a good chance the Maloofs had their hands in some of the bad at the end.. but those last couple years those top picks has taking us until now to recover from. ie...
  9. D13

    Kings hire Luke Walton

    I'm good with this... and I really hope we can retain Elston Turner
  10. D13

    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    IMO, he is a wet noodle. Apparently, he can only act tough toward the press. We melted down end of season and he had no answers. I saw no accountability in his last interviews. No killer instinct. Fire him.
  11. D13

    [Game] Kings @ Trailblazers - Wednesday, April 10 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    It's almost as if Joerger had a mid season under the table side deal with Boston to tank our pick for them... hope it was worth his soul.
  12. D13

    [Game] Nets @ Kings - Tuesday, March 19 - 7PT/10ET

    Nothing fickle going on here my friend. I've been a fan for 30 years. Thru the good and lots of bad. Spent my money and spent my time caring about this team. This was embarrassing as a fan, and yes I'm angry... and tired of excuses.
  13. D13

    [Game] Nets @ Kings - Tuesday, March 19 - 7PT/10ET

    So has Buddy tho. I'm just somewhere between sad and disgusted.
  14. D13

    [Game] Nets @ Kings - Tuesday, March 19 - 7PT/10ET

    We just made DeAngelo Russell some kinda rock star. Good job guys. Somebody should be in the hotseat tomorrow. I don't care if year is over. We are supposed to be a pro sports team... act like it.
  15. D13

    [Game] Nets @ Kings - Tuesday, March 19 - 7PT/10ET

    Worst loss this year. This was joke worthy embarrassing and on our home court. Other team forums are busting up. Save the stress, don't show your face on them. I still have hope and believe we've shown promise... But what a tease.
  16. D13

    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    Yes, Papa was putting in the effort. Just most of time running around with his head cut off. His posting up sucked. His rebounding sucked. His nose for the ball sucked. His boxing out sucked. His picks were soso. Fouling was only thing good at. lol. You could tell he was frustrated and starting...
  17. D13

    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    I'm straight up most disappointed in Papa this game. He played a ton of minutes..and he's the biggest dude out there. How bout some rebounds? Then when he finally does get one.. instead of securing it, he hangs it out there for a second looking around, and somebody steals it.. ugg.
  18. D13

    [Game] Game 67: Kings v. Clippers, 3/18/15 - 7 pdt

    Why the hell do our players constantly leave their man??
  19. D13

    [Game] Game 67: Kings v. Clippers, 3/18/15 - 7 pdt

    Macallum has become a full on gunner
  20. D13

    What do we have to do to have a winning team?

    The Spurs haven't had a top pick for years (outside of making Kawhi happen), landed any big name free agents, or made any huge trades. They have a bunch of character guys (who went low in draft) they developed, and some dependable vets. They have 1 player core and built around him (Parker and...