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  1. EIM86

    [Grades] Grades v. Thunder 11/7/17

  2. EIM86

    Joerger: Tanking, incompetent or ? (With poll)

    Just my opinion but I think based on last year and this year Joerger will not run a more modern offense like the Spurs and Dubs. Im prolly gonna get flack for this and hope Im wrong but I think Joerger is the guy before the guy.
  3. EIM86

    Joerger: Tanking, incompetent or ? (With poll)

    Just went to the game yesterday. I personally do not like the offense. It is so stale and there is barely any movement. The worst part is watching Fox hang out in the corner 3 letting his defender rest. If we could find another coach that runs a modern offense I would be down.
  4. EIM86

    Bricklayer post-mortem (split)

    Thats cool good for him. Im rootimg for Cousins until he retires. He didnt deserve what the FO did to him
  5. EIM86

    Surprise playoff run this year

    I've been overhyped by my homerism to many times. I am rooting for a top pick again haha.
  6. EIM86

    Fox talks about his shot

    I went to school with Kawhi Leonad and his shot was so ugly back at SDSU. He worked his butt off to get a better shot. I see Fox with a similar work ethic.
  7. EIM86

    Welcome De'Aaron Fox!!

    Ooo This forum hella died after the Cousins trade:(
  8. EIM86

    The Official We're Talking Playoffs Thread

    Gotta go 18-9 from here to hit .500. Lofty goal but crazier stuff has happened before
  9. EIM86

    [Grades] Grades v. Hawks and Ourselves 2/10/2017

    We almost always come back in the 4th. Now for winning? I hope we are turning the corner!
  10. EIM86

    Stupid but obligatory "Are we better without DMC?" thread

    Exactly! Other then Cousins most of our roster should be bench players
  11. EIM86

    [Grades] Grades v. Hawks and Ourselves 2/10/2017

    I feel like we should be at least .500. There is easily 5 losses that were clearly bad calls by the refs.
  12. EIM86

    Dave Joerger

    You might be right. Now I think it was a mix of both.
  13. EIM86

    Dave Joerger

    I agree with everything but the WCS part. From what I could tell WCS was a diva to start the year thinking he was gonna he an offensive monster. He got pissed that he wasnt gonna be that guy this year and stopped trying. Joerfer benched him for a long while. Wcs finally caved and started doing...
  14. EIM86

    Darren Collison

    Agreed. Last time I looked, we are tied for most losses by 6 points or less. At least 5 games were due to completely blown calls by the refs.
  15. EIM86

    Honest Question: (As a team)What do the Kings do well?

    We are really good at coming back. Once the 4th qtr hits, I expect them to come back.
  16. EIM86

    The Official We're Talking Playoffs Thread

    Cant believe we are this close to 8th after that brutal January schedule. Lets go playoffs!!
  17. EIM86

    [Grades] Grades v. Hornets 1/28/2017

    I think we should trade and get better if we can. People talk of chemistry and trust of each other but chemistry can only take you so far. We need as much extra talent we can get and the chemistry will get even better. That board then behind the back pass by Cousins with 4 defenders trying to...
  18. EIM86

    DeMarcus FREAKING Cousins

    He's been about loyalty since his first day as a King. Now, he finally has a coach that backs him up 100%. Cousin's finally blooming into the superstar we all thought he could be. Did anybody hear Demarcus on the post game saying "no more iso-ball"??? Pretty sure that was a shot at Rudy hahah
  19. EIM86

    Boogie makes the all star team for the third time!

    Easily deserved over zaza