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  1. EIM86

    Cauley-Stein Showing Rare Drive for Rookie

    I thought this deserved it's own thread for our rookie. Well written article.
  2. EIM86

    Kings rank high on "teams to watch" list

    Didn't want to make a thread for this but didn't know where to put it at the same time. I know rankings mean nothing but how are we ranked #4?! MOD NOTE: I moved this to...
  3. EIM86

    If Cousins does in fact get traded...

    Personally, I will stop watching basketball. I still have my Giants and 49ers :D.
  4. EIM86

    Feeler Trade for Bledsoe from the Suns!0Vp9V
  5. EIM86

    Mbah a Moute-Williams trade? (merged)

    Obviously not a blockbuster but maybe some cap clearance?
  6. EIM86

    Such a Sad day.... Looks like we're moving to seattle next year. Maloofs are selling 500 million.
  7. EIM86

    Reke, it's time to take over. Looks like Reke want to show everybody this year.
  8. EIM86

    Kings Gear

    Hey I was wondering if anybody knew where to get that white and purple track jacket the players wear on the court during warmups.
  9. EIM86

    Season Tickets

    Is there any season ticket holders here? I wanted to know how much they are and what seat you got