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  1. Warhawk

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Took my dad and my son to go see it. It gets 6 thumbs up. Well done.
  2. Warhawk

    Proper pronunciation of Nowitzki (split from Rising Stars thread)

    Richtig! Sehr gut.
  3. Warhawk

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    Yeah, because that is what makes a player good on the floor, right? :rolleyes:
  4. Warhawk

    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    Only if you give a whit about what happens in a BB house! ;)
  5. Warhawk

    what was the last movie you watched?

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    Carmichael Dave is on vacation this week and will be back on Tuesday.
  8. Warhawk

    There is no topic

    I've got tix for Sunday evening. Looks really good.
  9. Warhawk

    What is the expection for next year?

    You obviously don't pay attention to some of the posters here. They like to speculate on how many NBA MVP awards a current 10-year-old prep in Modesto is going to win, exactly what draft pick we will get in the 2021 NBA draft (because, you know, Vlade is inept I guess), how a massive 10-team...
  10. Warhawk

    Joe Johnson Reported Buyout

    I wonder what it took. Full amount, less what Houston will pay him? A percentage of the full amount just so he can go where he wants?
  11. Warhawk

    Rick Adelman's Son R.J. Killed in Accident at 44

    Yeah, same here. What a horrible thing to happen. Wow.
  12. Warhawk

    New look to board!

    Performance is fantastic - much faster! Digging the new look too - kind of a Windows 10 vibe going on. Thanks, J!
  13. Warhawk

    Super Bowl LII

    I'm just glad the Pats didn't win again. Overall the commercials were pretty "meh" this year.
  14. Warhawk

    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    Pretty decent show so far. I've been enjoying it.
  15. Warhawk

    Golden One Center - "Tesla-like"

    Just picked up those tickets tonight. That is going to be a GREAT concert. :D
  16. Warhawk

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JAN)

    How? If you are going to put this out there, at least indicate what for? Not all of us are scouring ESPN and watching all the games....
  17. Warhawk

    Tankathon in effect? Joerger says 2 vets will rest each game (split)

    At no point did I argue that a higher pick isn't good. I just said it isn't a panacea. You can still choose poorly, you can do the best job you can and the player just doesn't pan out, the player can get hurt and end their career, etc. The draft class can suck and even the best player in the...
  18. Warhawk

    Tankathon in effect? Joerger says 2 vets will rest each game (split)

    Oh, so maybe we would have gotten Derrick Favors instead of DMC? Or gotten Tristan Thompson? Or maybe Anthony Bennett, right? Greg Oden, Derrick Coleman, and Pervis Ellison also say "hi". There were "busts" (based on position taken in the draft) taken ahead of us just about every year, just...
  19. Warhawk

    Tankathon in effect? Joerger says 2 vets will rest each game (split)

    I've been a fan of the team since they arrived in Sacramento. I've seen long term and short term gains and losses, for a variety of reasons. Nobody wants this team to succeed and win more than I, or VF21, or any other fan of the Kings (including you). As I said - high draft picks are great...
  20. Warhawk

    DeMarcus Cousins injury (merged)

    Heal fast big fella. I am rooting for you (as long as you aren't playing against the Kings)!