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  1. Warhawk

    Welcome, Buddy Hield

    Sorry to see you join the team this way. Fans are salty due to the nature of the trade. Good luck, and I hope nobody holds it against you if you never make it to the Steph Curry level.
  2. Warhawk

    Congrats to one of our own, Tetsujin!

    Just wanted to say congrats to Tetsujin for being the lead in a Netflix documentary/film about Japanese comedy and his struggles with his classes and figuring out how to succeed. Good job, man. And good luck!!! It just came out on Netflix in...
  3. Warhawk

    Jaleel Cousins possibly on SL team?

    Read more here: Sounds like he is pretty raw and didn't take up basketball until later in school. Strictly a post player at this point. But maybe a SL invite, if for nothing else the family connection?
  4. Warhawk

    Gregg Popovich named as USA BB head coach starting in 2017 Can't complain about DMC and Rudy getting some coaching from this guy during the summers.
  5. Warhawk

    Shoreline Amphitheatre

    Having never been there before, I thought I would ask for any parking tips, etc., that folks might have. Going to a concert there in a couple weeks. Thanks!
  6. Warhawk

    [OBIT] Darryl Dawkins passes away at 58
  7. Warhawk

    [Obit] Sir Christopher Lee
  8. Warhawk

    Poll on proposed "art" piece for the new arena

    I am curious, given the debate in the other thread: on opinions on the proposed piece of art (Coloring Book by Jeff Koons, fifth in a series of similar works) and the price for said piece of art. The piece will cost $8 million...
  9. Warhawk

    Derrick Rose needs knee surgery (2015-02-24)

    Sam Amick and Marc Spears reporting Rose has medial meniscus tear of right knee, needs surgery (on twitter). How long is this guy going to last in the NBA with another knee issue now?
  10. Warhawk

    River Cats file to change affiliation

    Read more here:
  11. Warhawk

    Looks like Love to Cavs will be done Saturday, Minny gets Wiggins, Young

  12. Warhawk

    Bee to stop allowing anonymous comments to stories Looks like facebook, etc., logins will be allowed. I wonder if the STOP trolls will be making fake facebook accounts to do so in the near future.
  13. Warhawk

    Places to take the family to eat in the Northwest?

    Hey all- My family will be heading northwest for a visit to relatives in the Seattle area next week. We will spend part of a day in Portland and a couple days each in the Olympia and Kirkland/Seattle areas. Wondering about some family-friendly dining establishments a tourist should know...
  14. Warhawk

    Hint that new uniforms are coming? (no new news)

    and a follow up later:
  15. Warhawk

    Stockton Thunder make it to the Kelly Cup Championship series

    Some local minor league hockey action down in Stockton - they beat the Idaho Steelheads 3-1 in the Western Conference Championship series to advance! Congrats, Thunder!
  16. Warhawk

    LWP777 grades and analysis - thoughts on player and team performance

    As promised, here is a thread for LWP777 to post game-by-game in-depth analysis and grades. Take it away LWP777!
  17. Warhawk

    NBA puts all statistics online
  18. Warhawk

    Jerry Buss passes away - cancer
  19. Warhawk

    Hedo suspended

    From the twitter feed on the ESPN NBA page:
  20. Warhawk

    Pau Gasol has tear in plantar fascia