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  1. chief bromden

    [Game] Rising Stars - Friday, Feb.16 - 6 PT - TNT

    Way to go Bogdan! Keep caring and putting in that work!
  2. chief bromden

    What is the expection for next year?

    My expectation for the Kings is that they form an identity that they plan, cultivate and adhere to. Hopefully that leads to 35+ wins.
  3. chief bromden

    Welcome Iman Shumpert

    I do like saying Shump, so welcome aboard. He is likely to opt in (Lou Will got 8 per), and so will Temple. We are going to be back in a land where expirings are worth something! In that sense, Shump could have some value next year if teams are looking to clear cap and we want to trade for a...
  4. chief bromden

    Jason Williams flashback

    Got to watch J-Will as a rookie and onward as an impressionable teenager. The most fun to watch for me, and I try to watch his highlight youtube mixes every year. Brings me joy!
  5. chief bromden

    Welcome Bruno Caboclo

    Welcome to the team Bruno. Have fun traveling back and forth between Reno and Sac.. and when you are in Sac, have fun watching Vince Carter rev the air handle bars from time to time.
  6. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. Bulls - Monday, Feb. 5 - 7 PT

    Happy for Grant trollin' for the Lopez ejection lol... probably one of the most exciting moments of calling Kings games over the past 10 years.
  7. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. Bulls - Monday, Feb. 5 - 7 PT

    Ashamed? Geez. They are having a bad game so far, but is it really that bad?
  8. chief bromden

    Rebuild Strategy (or WE WANT LINS!)

    Hawks beat the Knicks today!
  9. chief bromden

    Kings Prediction Game 2017-18: Home vs the Thunder straight after the ASB. We're ON for game 58 (OKC)

    We are all still sleeping I bet (730am) Mavs 112 Kings 107
  10. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. Warriors - Friday, Feb. 2 - 7:30 PT

    He is gunna score anyway right? It’s like why make the bed if I’m just going to sleep in it tonight.. :cool:
  11. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. Warriors - Friday, Feb. 2 - 7:30 PT

    Buddy Hield is never gunna be that good, is he? Pat McCaw worked him with no effort for that lob
  12. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. Warriors - Friday, Feb. 2 - 7:30 PT

    Buddy Hield can’t make layups wow
  13. chief bromden

    NHL Discussion (2017 - 2018 season)

    I went to a Knights game with my wife in November against the Sharks. Knights won in OT, and it was a thrilling game! I'm in awe that they are doing so well... my wife put a crap bet on them to win the cup back before the season started. I said it was a complete waste of time... and I was...
  14. chief bromden

    George Hill to the Cavaliers?

    Hill for Shumpert... the least suspenseful trade ever. :D