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  1. serious kings fan

    BEAT LA !!! ( Kings fans only ) - 3rd edition

    The stage has been set - The tickets all sold - The Kings vs Lakers - This game is pure gold! The players are gonna run The players are gonna shoot And by the end of the game The Lakers get the boot!!! Go Kings - Beat LA - flush twice fans Kobe needs a shower....
  2. serious kings fan

    BEAT LA !!! ( Kings fans only ) - 2nd edition

    Lets beat the Lakers on their homecourt, the win will be extra tasty!!!! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go!
  3. serious kings fan

    Norv Turner: 49ers Offensive Coordinator

    Later Turner, now Al Davis needs to put a coach in charge that won't shame our Raiders like Turner has managed to do the past two seasons.
  4. serious kings fan

    Beat La !!! - Kings fans only please.

    Lakers are goin down in Sactown tonight!!! Home court advantage, best fans in the NBA, and the will to overtake L.A. That's the formula that will give us the win tonight. Beat L.A. Today Beat L.A. Today Beat L.A. Today Beat L.A. Today Hey Kobe, wanna burger........
  5. serious kings fan

    Bee: Martin draws task of guarding Bryant

    The Kevin/Kobe match-up is definitly going to be the focus of tonights game. Kevin has been playing quite well, and I think he's going to give Kobe a lot of grief! Yes Kobe has been playing well, but so has Kev and his quickness is what is going to over-shadow Kobe tonight. Go Kings Go Go...
  6. serious kings fan

    Clippers @ Kings Game Thread

    This game is in the bag! Have faith Kings fans. Go Kings Go - Go Kings Go - Go Kings Go
  7. serious kings fan

    Raiders fire Turner

    No surprise here! Next season we will be better........ Bring back Tim Brown!
  8. serious kings fan

    Go Kings!!!!

    Go Kings Go - Go Kings Go - Go Kings Go! I'll be a Kings fan for life, for better or worse...... Come on guys let's get that magical thing known as team chemistry fired up! Fans need to be patient and supportive, through the good and bad games.
  9. serious kings fan

    Lets name songs that fit the Kings' situation

    Ninety-nine problems: Jay Z
  10. serious kings fan

    Are the Warriors Better Than the Kings

    No matter who the Kings play, from my standpoint they are always the "better team"! Will they win tonights game? Who knows, but one things for sure, it's gonna be a great game to watch!
  11. serious kings fan

    For Jeremy (Nov. 13)

    Happy Birthday Jeremy from two other Scorpios, cousin JS and wife. This website is great, thanks!
  12. serious kings fan

    Pistons @ kings Game Thread

    Just like Dorothy says "there's no place like home". Goooooo KINGS
  13. serious kings fan

    Can someone tell Bibby to wake up?

    We are only two games into the regular season, and both games have been on the road. Not the best way to start the season, from what I see we can only get better. It's not fun to watch your team lose when there is so much hope for them, being a new season and the retooling of players. This is...
  14. serious kings fan

    VF21 pledge for the 2005-2006 season

    Great Threads, perfect examples of why it's sooooo great to be a Kings fan!!!
  15. serious kings fan

    Where are KingsFans members from? (Follow link and mark map!!)

    Thanks, Very cool El Paljasso! Let's Go Kings!!!
  16. serious kings fan

    Bee: Marcos Bretón: 'Goldmember' unis? Just wrong!

    This gold thing has to stop now! It just isn't natural, not for our mighty Kings. Notice when you visit the Kings website, the use of the color gold is there too. It's gotta be some marketing bozo's idea of reinventing the team image blah, blah, blah. Some things need to remain sacred...
  17. serious kings fan

    NFL Draft?

    Blah Blah Blah, just bring on some RAIDERS football!!!
  18. serious kings fan

    GO KINGS version 1.0AASB

    GO KINGS!!! Die Laker scum!!! GO KINGS!!! BEAT L.A...AGAIN!!! GO KINGS!!! Give them part-two on their own court!!!
  19. serious kings fan

    NFL Season Opener : Raiders at Patriots

    I am definitly ready for some Raider football! I love my Kings, but I am also a passionate fan of the silver&black. I get flack for liking both Kings and Raiders. Folks say I should choose one or the other, I ask why? Hopefully the '05/'06 season is the beginning of a new era for my...
  20. serious kings fan

    Sonics @ Kings Game Thread

    Great game to watch and a well-earned win for the Kings! I got nothing but love for our guys!