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    [Game] Kings @ Hawks 11/15/17 4:30 PM PT

    No Hawks game thread yet? Big game tonight one of the few teams we should beat. Let's get a W tonight!
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    How many wins will Kings have in 2017-2018 season

    With the tip off of the NBA season 7 days away how many wins will the Kings have? Not looking for a range of wins or different scenarios just a win total for the 2017-2018 NBA season.
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    Scott Perry

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    NBA Coach Rankings according to ESPN

    Today ESPN came out with coach rankings. Tomorrow they will rank team presidents and Friday they will rank team owners. Check out the link
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    Say it isn't true Matt!

    Just saw this
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    Buckets: NBA Shot Visualization

    I am no way connected to this web site but use it all the time, don't know if many people use it but wanted to share it.
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    Official how many wins will the Kings have in the 2016-2017 season

    Now that we know what the Collison suspension is lets put our reputation where our mouth is. How many wins will the Kings have this season? Not looking for a range of wins just looking for one total number. Winners will have bragging rights all off season.
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    Ric Bucher rumor about John Calipari & the Kings

    Check out this article what do you guys think? Kentucky is going to be loaded next year, I know that Calipari is a great recruiter but would he be a great NBA coach...
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    Elephant in the room

    I believe most of you have saw the Wojo report that Karl is really pushing for a Cousins trade. My question is who could you get the most value from? It's also being reported that Karl really would like an established NBA player in the deal too not just picks and young players. Lakers are...
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    Chris Mannix tweeted "Word around the league is that Boston has been making some initial calls on Rondo, not the other way. Team to keep an eye on: Sacramento" Any thoughts Sac fans?
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    Boston perspective on Rondo trade rumors

    Hey Guys Im new to the site I live in the Boston area and wanted to see what you guys think of Rondo, we are hearing a little bit about a possible trade. For 1 Rondo is an awesome player. He looks good coming off his injury and has no minutes restrictions, the guy is a beast. He is a fierce...