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    Should Kings guards switch roles in the half court? (split from game thread)

    There are a few reasons why I don't want this to happen right now. One is because Fox needs to develop as a PG. Bogie running the point right now might make the Kings better this year but that doesn't help with Fox's development by taking possessions away from him. Bogie is a good running mate...
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    Jason Ross on "loser mentality"

    I think you're a bit bearish on the team but overall you're right. There are just too many things that have to happen for the Kings to get over the mountain. Fox and Giles have to become really good. Either Skal or a top big in the draft have to become really good. Bogie has to become more...
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    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    It's his offensive numbers. He's no where near the #1 option on his team so you have to kind of predict if he would be able to put up the same offensive numbers as Ayton given the same amount of touches and plays ran for him.
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    NCAA Basketball about to go Boom

    There are serial killers running loose, mass shootings, terrorism and all sorts of horrors going on in the world. Thank god the FBI is focusing on the important things like kids wearing expensive sneakers and algebra test scores.
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    Jason Ross on "loser mentality"

    I stand firmly by your decision to share it as well. It's just confusing from my standpoint because you are one of the more vocal posters around here about how the negativity is hurting the board and by sharing this article, you knew that it was going to bring people like me out of the woodwork...
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    Vlade Divac - Kings GM AKA 21

    I don't think you're quite understanding the context that hrdboiled was using when he posted that. He wasn't ragging on the Kings. Trust me, you guys are cool with each other :cool:
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    Potential second round picks

    Bates-Diop if he's still there.
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    Jason Ross on "loser mentality"

    His comments on the Sixers are laughable. They had to go through seasons in which they won 10 games, 18 and 19 as well. Is it worth it? What are they even now? They are a better team but where are they going? They're going to the playoffs Jason Ross. Probably for a handful of years to come.
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    Jason Ross on "loser mentality"

    VF, I know you don't like all the negativity on the board but what's the point in posting this article? It's just the same old argument we've had going on this board for a while now and you're bringing it back up. If you don't want negativity then don't fan the flames. Jason Ross has no clue...
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    Giving up on WCS? (split from game thread)

    Why do you guys want Noel? He barely plays. With Giles coming back next year, that's a lot of knee problems for your young front court.
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    Vlade Divac - Kings GM AKA 21

    I've thought about the Vince Carter contract as well. I wonder if maybe he overpaid with the agreement that Vince would sort of take on a player/mentor/coaching type role? We always hear about Vince's pre practice workouts with Giles, Skal and the other young guys. I have a feeling that the...
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    He's going to have to develop moves to be able to get by guys. He's too easily stymied in the half court because he has no go to moves. I think he's so used to being able to just blow by guys due to his speed that he never really developed a tight handle for off the dribble moves because he...
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    Vlade Divac - Kings GM AKA 21

    That was a weak draft so quantity over quality probably gave you a better chance at landing a player since it doesn't look like very many talented players are going to come out of that draft from 8th on back. This draft is really strong so you're going to want to go with the best talent you can...
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    Possible Free agents

    If he shows that he's back close to where he was last year, then I would take a flyer on a deal like that. If we had a Parker/Giles pairing, that's a lot of ACLs to worry about if you're banking on these guys making a run. I just have a feeling that he's going to call for a bigger contract if he...
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    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    Same here. More so his rebounding. His rebounding skills don't jump off the charts at you. Especially if you're looking at him to be your Clint Capela/DeAndre Jordan in the middle. His shot doesn't concern me at all. It would if he was shooting 40% from 3 and 65% from the line. If that was the...
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    [Game] Kings @ Rockets - Wednesday, Feb. 14 - 5 PT

    Hope Fox is ok. He didn't quite look like he had a concussion there. More shook from the blood so I hope he's alright. Unlike Suicide King, Jackson worried me as a bust from the start. Not because of his offense but because of his softness and general lack of rebounding. A full sized SF...
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    Vlade Divac - Kings GM AKA 21

    The not talking on the phone thing just seems like an absolute joke to me. I thought maybe it was just a dumb rumor from last year but it sounds like it has feet. How the hell can you manage a franchise and work out trades without getting on the phone? It's like applying to be a truck driver and...
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    Vlade Divac - Kings GM AKA 21

    What a joke. I'm sorry Vlade, we all love you, but you've got to go. From the article: Altman had negotiated the trade with Kings assistant general manager Brandon Williams, who works under GM Vlade Divac. The management structure in Sacramento can make deals dicey, because Divac seldom gets...
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    Following 2018 draftees

    Jaren Jackson Jr was something else tonight. Showed off some really nice interior passes off of drives. Wound up with 27 points, 6 reb and 3 blocks in 22 minutes on only 14 shot attempts and was 5 of 8 from three.
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    Do we keep Skal?

    I'd really like to see him average 30min a night from here on out. Enough of this sharing minutes with the vets stuff. Need to quit just dipping their toe in the water with some of these guys and see if they have what it takes or not. We will never know if he comes back and plays 17min a night...