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    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    Is our game on TV tomorrow?
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    Welcome De'Aaron Fox!!

    I'm so happy we drafted you! Welcome to Sacramento!
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    Bad Contracts for Picks

    I like this article. Cliff Notes: We will have a ton of cap space this summer so we should be looking to take on a couple of bad contracts in exchange for picks/young players. This is exactly what the 76ers did to us in that trade where they fleeced us of the #3 pick this year and our 2019 1st...
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    The art and agony of the tank (split from game thread)

    I can't believe we won this game. What a disaster. We are probably going to win as many games as last year with a full year of our HOF'er DMC.
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    Skal Labissiere

    Any questions? I don't care if we win or lose this game. Doesn't matter. This kid is a stud.
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    Posts from Pelicans Board

    Kind of interesting... "The Problem is Alvin Gentry" "I agree idk why AD and cousins are parked out at the 3 point line like their Ray Allen every time down court" "Why is Cousins shooting 3's routinely when AD is on the bench?" "Boogie looked wore out running up and down the floor. The refs...
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    Why does everyone hate the Warriors? (split)

    Why does everybody hate the Warriors so much?
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    2016 NBA Draft Lottery Selection -- May 17th

    We need a thread to discuss tomorrow's lottery selection.....and a poll, of course.
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    Thank you George Karl

    Yeah, I'll be that guy. Thanks George for leading us to more wins this year than anybody else in the past, what, 10 years? In all seriousness, I wish him well.
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    Seth Curry

    Any questions?
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    Willie Cauley-Stein

    Any questions? Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet! We are starting to see a glimpse of how good this kid can be.
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    Cousins isn't a winner?

    I have a all the pro-DMC people kept saying it wasn't his fault because he never had any players around him. Well, this year he has the number 1 assists guy in Rondo, along with Gay, a promising defensive rookie, and some nice pieces in Belli and KK. So how come he's on pace to...
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    Discussion of Kings' TV broadcast/studio personalities (split)

    Okay, I know this will probably be a controversial post and I'll get hammered for it but this has been something that has been bothering me for a while now. What is the enamor with Bobby Jackson in this town? I've never really gotten it. Sure, he played with passion and was a big part in helping...
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    Poll: How many wins next year?

    We just signed 3 free agents! Assuming we don't sign anymore major FA's and we stay reasonable healthy next year, how many wins will we have?
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    Thank you Pete

    Thanks Pete for your service here. I have a feeling that behind the scenes things were a total mess here and that you probably got thrown under the bus for a lot of things that weren't necessarily your fault. Best of luck in Denver.
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    Kings Offer Contract to George Karl

    According to Ric Bucher.... Ric BucherVerified account‏@RicBucher League source: Kings have made a contract proposal to George Karl.
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    Kings-Knicks Game Posponed

    Due to the upcoming storm.... Portland-Brooklyn, Sacramento-New York Games Postponed Posted: Jan 26, 2015 NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2015 – The National Basketball Association games...
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    Kings to make qualifying offer to IT?
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    If you could only keep 1....

    I'm very curious..... After seeing Ray play big time minutes the past 4 games, if you could only keep 1 guy -- Ben or Ray right now, who would you keep? This isn't a thread meant to bash Ben. It's more a question that comes to mind because Ray has looked really good!
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    We need to change the banner of this site...

    I think it would be appropriate to delete DMC from the banner and add Rudy Gay until DMC can get his act together. Rudy is a consummate professional on and off the court and represents what I think this team needs moving forward.