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  1. kingsfan1984

    Where is Bruno???

    When do we get to see Bruno? Im a big fan of swapping Malachi for him. I want to see the goods...also, is he a free agent at end of year? Do we have some rights to him that allow us to sign him easier? Are we hiding him from league so we can sign him on the cheap?
  2. kingsfan1984

    Looking back ...

    If only he slipped a little lower in draft :(
  3. kingsfan1984

    The constructive thread

    This thread is going to assume that the coaches know what they are doing. So instead of questioning the competence of the team or effort etc of the players, lets have this thread for rational and constructive explanations of what the team and players are doing. The team has said tbis season is...
  4. kingsfan1984

    Vivek the visionary

    I wanted to give Vivek some credit. After he first bought the kings, he was talking about "positionless" basketball and NBA 2.0. He took a lot of cow paddy for that. Well, look at the NBA now! Appears his vision was prophetic. Vivek the Visionary. Proud to have you as an owner. Great things...
  5. kingsfan1984

    WCS willing to change roles?

    Tim Tebow decided he would only be the player he wanted to be (QB) and choose to leave the NFL over switching to a different role. Is this a similar midset of WCS ? He seems to be (from the outside looking in) as disinterested in the defensive role player role as Tebow was in switching to TE...
  6. kingsfan1984

    Kings offense

    What is the rational behind sticking with the high post offensive sets? Is there a big advantage to it that im not aware of?
  7. kingsfan1984

    Idea. Rank the top rookies - rookie ladder

    Id love to see a weekly rookie ladder from any NBA enthusiast would be interested. Be interesting to see where youbwould place the kings rooks.
  8. kingsfan1984

    Will this be the year...

    ...that our Vets, namely KK and Hill, are traded before the deadline? Hill especially will have a lot of value and could net a decent prospect or mid to late round pick.
  9. kingsfan1984

    What podcasts do you listen to?

    Hardcore History with Dan Carlin Joe Rogan Experience Startalk with Neil Degrass Tyson
  10. kingsfan1984

    Ranking teams young cores

    Where would you rank the kings out of the NBAs young cores? Young being subjective but lets say players still on their rookie deals or under 25? I would assume all star or all NBA potential would weight heaviy in the rankings but maybe not.
  11. kingsfan1984

    Players coming for workout

    Any news on guys coming in for workouts? I think Monk Tatum Isaac and Mitchel are 4 guys very important for Kings to workout in person. Monk and Mitchel to examine examine their lead guard potential. Tatum to see how he looks with nba level guys on court with him. I would love to coordinate...
  12. kingsfan1984

    Fox gone, Tatum or Isaac at 5?

    Fox has emerged as the concensus pick at 5 if available, but should he go top 4 then hard choices remain. In this poll, the Kings decide they are going to go with one of the SFs left on the board but can't decide who is the better pick between Isaac and Tatum. Who would you go with and what...
  13. kingsfan1984

    Smith or Tatum

    Fox has emerged as the concenaus pick at 5 for Kings if he is there. What is not clear is the concensus pick should Fox be gone when #5 comes up. In my mind, if we pass on Smith Jr., he will certainly be gone by 10 and likely Frank N. also meaning if we go Tatum that mean no PG. However...
  14. kingsfan1984

    Jason Thompson

    If Vlade shakes up the roster leaving a hole at a big man spot currently occupied by KK, wouldn't JT be a decent signing short term? would JT even be an upgrade to KK?
  15. kingsfan1984

    Would you trade gay even if little netted in return poll

    Official trade rudy gay poll even if he gets next to nothing in return.
  16. kingsfan1984

    Never-ending idiotic Cousins trade rumors thread

    Cousins for Beal, Portor and Oubrey rumor floating around.
  17. kingsfan1984

    Franchise Tag

    For a small market teams perspective, how great would a franchise tag system somewhere in the ballpark of the NFL be? Maybe each team is only allowed to franchise 1 player every few years and must be a multi year max deal.
  18. kingsfan1984

    Lance Stevenson

    With his late season resesitation in Memphis, how come this guy hasnt gotten any interest? Id love to find him in a Kings jersey somehow, after some trade.
  19. kingsfan1984

    Trade Suggestion with Suns

    If Dunn falls on draft day, Suns may be interested in trading Knight and their 13th in exchange for our 8th. Kings do it for solid starting PG plus add young talent at 13. Suns do it for rebuild to pair Booker with Dunn in backcourt. Would you do this or keep pick and draft Dunn?
  20. kingsfan1984

    Official Fire PDA thread

    After listening to the "interview," I'm no longer patient to wait and see what his plan is. Firing Malone when he did and why he did (based on his flimsy reasons given) is inexcusable. He destroyed all forward progress of the team and needs to be held accountable. I say FIRE THE GERBIL!!!!