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  1. kingsfan1984

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    Ive been hyping Jackson for awhile. He willlead to more wins for a team than Ayton. Id trade Ayton pick to move back for jackson and another asset in a heartbeat On defense, watch how Jackson is able to hide himself from the offensive player but keeps in range to explode on the shot once the...
  2. kingsfan1984

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    Ive made this same argument a few times and agree that Ayton lead teams will struggle to ever get into the upper tier of teams.
  3. kingsfan1984

    Where is Bruno???

    We would have an inside look at him practicing with Giles in the shadows. If he has some hidden potential, we may keep it that way and buy him cheap. Id like to have him on a 4 year deal to be at the endnof the bench. Low risk very high reward player. Perfect gamble in todays game.
  4. kingsfan1984

    Where is Bruno???

    When do we get to see Bruno? Im a big fan of swapping Malachi for him. I want to see the goods...also, is he a free agent at end of year? Do we have some rights to him that allow us to sign him easier? Are we hiding him from league so we can sign him on the cheap?
  5. kingsfan1984

    Jason Ross on "loser mentality"

    Not directed at you VF21, just quoted you to draw attention to the negative stuff ppl talk about... From my viewpoint the "tank or not tank" is neither positive or negative, its just a TOPIC. Its basketball talk thats highly relevant to the kings. Its basically a discussion on just what way to...
  6. kingsfan1984

    Vlade Divac - Kings GM AKA 21

    Vlade is suppose to be team president yes? I have no problem with the delegation of GM duties with Vlade having to give stamp of approval. In fact I like this set up as i can be sure Vlade truly has the Kings best interest at heart and isn't looking to help himself to a spot at a different...
  7. kingsfan1984

    [Game] Kings @ Timberwolves - Sunday, Feb. 11 - 4 PT

    Want to see Bruno and Jackson get all the SF mins from here on out
  8. kingsfan1984

    What is the expection for next year?

  9. kingsfan1984

    Welcome Bruno Caboclo

    Loving this move more and more. This is exactly the end of bench project SF we need. His profile is like the Greek Freak and plenty of reason to believe he has a lot of upside yet to unlock. Hoping he gets 25 mins a game for rest of year to develop.
  10. kingsfan1984

    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    In addition to building some good will with agents/teams, the Kings can use Hill as an example to future free agents that the Kings will take care of them and do right by them should things not pan out as planned.
  11. kingsfan1984

    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    Another angle....Kings looking to build some good will amoungst the leagues various powerful agents. The Hill trade cost us nothing and in essence builds some good will for future use which id argue that the o trunsic value of that can be pretty high.
  12. kingsfan1984

    Malachi Richardson traded for Bruno Coboclo

    Im fine with this. Faith restored. I always said id only be fine with tradeing young guys if it made more sense roster balance wise i.e. a SG in Malachi for a SF in Bruno. Papa was a swing and a miss. I doubt anyone will sign him. Kings can always pick him up next year on a 2 way contract...
  13. kingsfan1984

    Welcome Bruno Caboclo

    Looking forward to seeing this guy. Makes me feel a lot better about the malachi deal after seeingvthis is a high ceiling young prospect for the end of the bench.
  14. kingsfan1984

    Deadline rumor central...

    How does cleveland end up with Hood, Clarkson, and Hill for crap players on bad contracts and its late 1st???
  15. kingsfan1984

    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    not happy about Malachi leaving for nothing. Has the size, good work ethic, showed flashes in rookie year of being a decent NBA guard. Don't know much about Cabocolo yet, but if he isn't a young prospect with arguably equal value of Malachi then I'm not happy. Who cares if he gets little...
  16. kingsfan1984

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    With the reports about the positive lockerroom environment and the focus of the young guys to improve and win i think we have turned a corner as far as being a franchise that can be a positive place to develope young guys...i think any of these top 5 will do great in Sac and have a good chance...
  17. kingsfan1984

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    This is a good point in regards to wiggins and Gay. Often when looking at the defensive end of the floor athletisicm is the "end all be all" but just how Andre Miller "knew" how to always get in the lane even as the slowest player on the court, knowing "how" to play defense such as when to get...
  18. kingsfan1984

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    All this talk of unknowns about Doncic against NBA athletes and he played a game against OKC lol
  19. kingsfan1984

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    The big question for me is Doncic on the defensive side and if he can be average. If he can move his feet enough to be decent then i think he is the pick. Offensively i thjnk he has the least question marks. Insane natural talent on that end. BUT i dont think we can win with a defensive stiff...
  20. kingsfan1984

    Deadline Deals

    Why would Orlando shop Gordan in the firsy place??? He is a perfect young piece that can be a star but needs more time to get his shot done and develop his game more. Unless there are some big hidden red flags with him doeant make sense them trading away a 22 year old budding star o_O