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  1. Sac.1989

    Do we keep Skal?

    If we give Skal the Papa or Richardson treatment, cutting him or shipping him off prior to his rookie deal ending i will be livid and will incite a riot. Skal needs time to develop. This is the franchises chance to show that they can foster growth and develop a player.
  2. Sac.1989

    Joe Johnson Reported Buyout

    True. HOU has everything to take down Golden State but Harden is a quitter. I have faith that Chris Paul will help him keep his head in the game but then again Chris Paul is far from a patron saint himself. Adversity needs to be encountered to see if this HOU remake can get it done
  3. Sac.1989

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    I like Young, he will be great but our destiny is tied to Fox and we don't have the gumption to re write our path. Vlade takes Saric if he is available no question. I am intrigued in what the pairing of Ayton and Giles would look like
  4. Sac.1989

    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    Its not about the hindsight. Demarcus is young, he is not an above the rim player, he'll be fine. The Kings don't retain and develop young Talent. When Fox's time comes for a Max we'll ship him out too if he isn't smart enough and hasn't bolted by then.
  5. Sac.1989

    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    The Kings don't retain and develop young Talent. We are incapable of doing so, its a Vlade thing currently as he is GM but it does go all the way back. Exhibit A) Demarcus Cousins Exhibit B) Papagiannis and Richardson Not since Kevin Martin walked through the door have we done a decent job there.
  6. Sac.1989

    Welcome Iman Shumpert

    Living in SAC aint as bad as living in CLE, at least your in Cali Shump, Teyana goona love that.
  7. Sac.1989

    Rick Adelman's Son R.J. Killed in Accident at 44

    prayers out to you and family rick
  8. Sac.1989

    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    Rookie Vlade strikes again
  9. Sac.1989

    New look to board!

    thanks Rev - we love you mate !
  10. Sac.1989

    Deadline rumor central...

    tick tock, get hill out of here at least....
  11. Sac.1989

    New look to board!

    had to log in again for the first time in years, that took some doing haha. thanks to all who put in the time behind the scenes to make this place what it is
  12. Sac.1989

    George Hill to the Cavaliers?

    You'd have to consider trading LBJ if he didnt have a no trade clause. They are a mess, seasons a wash. Hamstrung by the fact that those picks they have are their only chips and they are key building blocks to the inevitable life without Lebron.
  13. Sac.1989

    IT for George Hill? Thoughts?

    bring him in, the moment it goes south, set him free. we need to get hill off the books and this is a perfect way forward that doesnt see us take on any salary into next season. IT will happily leave, he is in a contract year. He has to play and we can use that against him. I dont want shump...
  14. Sac.1989

    IT for George Hill? Thoughts?

    Isnt IT a pending free agent ? Jeez, swing that trade to free us from Hills contract and bench IT. We aint going to resign him but it makes a lot of sense from a cap front. Banish him if anything happens, there shouldnt be any issues, he is a professional.
  15. Sac.1989

    Deadline Deals

    bring him in now if you can get him. Orlando is resigned to letting him go since they didnt pick up his option and we have always wanted him. If you can get him on the cheap, you bring him in and stick him next to Bog, showcase him young team he can grow with and off you go.
  16. Sac.1989

    Deadline Deals

    Mario Hezonja has been playing better of late and at 22 has a lot of growth ahead of him. The magic are shopping him and he would be a good solid addition along with Jackson at the 3
  17. Sac.1989

    Deadline Deals

    Trade Skal/Richardson for Willy Hernangomez as a prelude for chasing Porzingis down the track.
  18. Sac.1989

    Bogs - play or rest this summer? (split)

    He is their best player. If they need to win games he's getting the call. Vlade will hook it up so minutes are limited etc
  19. Sac.1989

    Deadline Deals

    This is the type of trade we need to make if we are making one. Orlando is completely delusional looking to shop him.
  20. Sac.1989

    Deadline Deals

    Dont you **** this up Vlade and bring in god dam Shump and Frye - two guys who do nothing for us for Hill. We make trades to better ourselves, we have a commodity in Hill dont just give him away for nothing that we need