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  1. jaysutton2003

    Opening Night Tickets for Sale

    I have 6 opening night (10/18/17 vs Rockets) tickets for sale. All next to each other for $36 a ticket. They are in section 201 row P. I'm willing to sell all 6 or in increments of 2 tickets. If interested, please pm me. I can transfer the tickets via ticketmaster or we can meet in person...
  2. jaysutton2003

    Season Ticket Holder with 13 Games for Sale ($25 a ticket)

    I'm a season ticket holder and have 13 games for sale (listed below). I'm selling these tickets at face value which is $50 a pair. If you are interested, please PM me and I can send you the tickets through the Kings website. You can pay via paypal, cash or venmo. The seats are located in...
  3. jaysutton2003

    Was It Realy Peja's Fault For The Kings Poor Start To The Season?

    As I watch the new Kings team I begin to wonder whether or not it really was Peja who was solely responsible for the teams poor play… Sure Peja was not playing to his full potential, but neither was anyone else on the team. Don’t get me wrong I love Artest and feel he brings a need much needed...