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    Who is the most valuable player to the Kings futur player not named Evans or Cousins?

    Is this "MVP who should be traded" thread? With all those trade talks around Casspi, that's what comes to mind.
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    Trade talks involving Casspi?

    Correction: he said Sacramento had some trade offers , but the club wants him to stay in Sacramento.
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    [Grades] Grades v. Grizzlies 11/6/10

    Wow, you... like... really think so? :eek: Amazing. I saw the Kings game after a long timeout (since the previous season), and I'm very sorry to say: Reke's decision making has not improved. Nice stats, OK. But, was not a great game for him, no way. Regarding Greene, I really don't know what's...
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    Landry will be a starter, there's no doubt about it. JT will be probably be the 1st replacement for Landry/Hawes. Brockman? Will continue fighting for his minutes, by showing all the qualities that we like about him.
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    New Starting Lineup

    I think Cisco will be the starting SG. That means - Greene will come of the bench.
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    Kings @ Pistons Game Thread

    Why didn't Casspi play in the 2nd? I thought he was good.
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    Seen Donte Greene and Omri Casspi at a bar last night.

    I have a question for the locals, which is not totally off-topic. Did you see Udrich and Noc hang out together? They seem to be on the same wave. Thanks.
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    Grades v. Suns 02/05/10

    Well, maybe this was before KM made his historical return?
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    Kings @ Nuggets Game Thread

    I certainly hope the rookies will come back home healthy.
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    Fiba article about Casspi

    There's another clip. This time with the right music :) (Remember the name): j3HO7mPLQ_w
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    Warriors @ Kings Game Thread

    Casspi is expected to start instead of Brockman.
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    Everyone Speechless?

    Well, Omri has something to say (quoted from Casspi site) :
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    Jon Brockman - Starting Center said by westfall on 1140

    Acceptable - as an educational act for Hawes. No more than that. Brockman is not a starting material, and never will be.
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    Kings @ Bobcats game thread, 1/18, 11a.m. P.S.T.

    5 minutes of good D was enough to comeback.
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    Kings @ Bobcats game thread, 1/18, 11a.m. P.S.T.

    Who would have thought that Omri would actually be playing better offense than K-Mart? Omri is playing with 2 fouls, naturally he's careful not to make the 3rd.
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    JT sophomore rank is dropping...

    Sophomore 20: Large and in charge By David Thorpe
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    Kings @ Bobcats game thread, 1/18, 11a.m. P.S.T.

    Prediction: Kings 88 Bobcats 103 Casspi is benched. Donte starts. Martin - 20 points. Evans - 14. Donte - 6 + 5 TOs.
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    Grades v. Wizards 1/16/09

    Agree with Bricklayer almost on everything. I think we all saw it coming. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to isolate the problem. That why I had a difficult time to understand why people are so excited about seeing Martin & Evans tandem. So nicely put together. Absolutely! That's why...
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    Grades v. Wizards 1/16/09

    I don't want to fall into this trap, and to start blaming it all on Kevin's return. I admit I didn't watch the last 2 games, but judging by people responses, Omri did have a few shots, and was playing badly on defense. On the other hand, I'm reading that Casspi erupted over playing time...
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    Kevin Martin will likely play in the Kings-Sixers game

    My point is that Kevin Martin is back, and he took 111 fga in just 5 games. I'm a little concerned. I think this young team should let the rookies (and the youngsters) to make their mistakes, to become a serious force in 2 years. I believe Casspi will suffer big time, not to mention Donte, JT...