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    Kings and Buddy agree on a deal

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    Kings sign Dedmon 3 years 40 million

    He painted himself into this corner. If he ends up with just the qo, he needs to learn to show up every game and accept a role else could be plain unwanted next year. Someone else wondered who he had around him giving him advise and direction... I'm hoping that Luke can connect with him and give...
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    is it going to be Dedmon?

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    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    “I just want to hoop freely. That’s kind of the biggest thing for me, just going somewhere, whether it’s here or anywhere else, just taking that next evolution to the game where you’re not just a rim runner. You’re a pick-and-pop guy sometimes. You can get rolling with what the defense gives...
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUN)

    KD has a player option for next year. $31.5 mil!
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    [Game] Kings vs Clippers 3/1- 7PT/10ET

    There was a time where if the Kings were within ten near the end, they played with a poise and confidence beyond their experience. Now it's a young, tenacious team trying to find a way through with the opposing team respecting but not really fearing them. I think a big difference is the mental...
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    DeAaron Fox

    Joeger was asked about this at some point earlier in the season and he said they don't. I'd hope the FO takes it up in the off-season with a compilation video.
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    Starting lineup going forward - Fox, Buddy, Bogs, Barnes, WCS

    I always think it's odd that some people seem to think that Joeger had some epiphany over the summer and simply decided to try something different out of desperation. Last year was unwatchable (I didn't) but it had intention, patience, and long-term visioning behind it.
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    Kings are the first NBA team this season to surpass its own 2017-18 W record

    Let's compare the graphic to current standings: 1 Milwaukee Bucks +3 2 Toronto Raptors +3 3 Indiana Pacers -- 4 Philadelphia 76ers -2 5 Boston Celtics -4 6 Brooklyn Nets +6 7 Charlotte Hornets +8 8 Miami Heat -1 9 Detroit Pistons -- 10 Orlando...
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    Bajaden needs your prayers

    Much respect from a lurker. Kingsland needs you so get well and strong quick!
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    Greg Oden?

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted in a while - Grantland interview from a little over a year ago: "Oden on Oden"
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    Sacramento being seriously vetted and other news, rumors, etc.

    I wonder what they could be working on "around the clock" at this point? Couldn't be more answers for the subcommittee could it? Hopefully it has to do more with a transition plan than anything else...
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    The wait continues and other news, rumors, etc.

    Another way to look at it is that relocation is easier for the board to decide because they have constitutional guidelines to follow (was it Article VII?). I think since they're spelled out more specifically than say the approval of new ownership, they are less likely to run into legal issues...
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    Meeting with Mastrov and latest news, etc.

    Seems to also be an end run around KJ's buyers.
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    All-inclusive DMC non-game discussion thread

    Just to confirm what seemed pretty obvious: Bryan May's Twitter
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    All-inclusive DMC non-game discussion thread

    That bit from CK that UK_King posted seems pretty big to me. Immediately back from an "indefinite" suspension that lasted a whole game and he's losing his cool like this. I hope for the best out of all of this.
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    I drove by the railyards today.... how does that work with sales tax? Do you buy from the 99 cent store wholesale (tax-exempt) or do you not collect sales tax or is sales tax being charged and collected twice?
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    Desert Island Authors Vote Quarterfinals: #3 Warhawk vs. #6 NoBonus

    NoBonus - thumbs up for the EC Comics/Mad magazine love as I need to deal with paring down (or not) my collection; I'd definitely keep them if I were on a desert island...
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    Undrafted Players

    Not Mal.
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    Pre-draft workout confusion????

    There's one other workout the Kings had that is not on that list....Tyreke Evans. Does GP feel he can count on Tyreke heading in the right direction this offseason? His time with Geoff is probably informing the Kings draft (and trade) strategy.