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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread)

    This is such a lame excuse and a reason fans forgive horrible front offices for so long. "Man, no one knew Klay would be this good. Man, no one knew Bam Adebayo would be this good. Man, no one no Donovan Mitchell would be this good. Man, no one knew Kawhi Leonard would be this good. Man, no one...
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    Buddy Hield wins NBA 3 Point Shootout!

    Great W! Buddy is absolutely perfect for the contest the way he launches 3s. 3pt contest outside of a dunk contest (Gordon vs Lavine) here or there has been by far my favorite part of all-star weekend for awhile. Glad to see Buddy get some love and get a win for the Kings
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    Bagley @ the 5 or bust.

    Again, the issue is there's like 3 actually good 5's in the NBA that can space (BroLo, Turner, Dedmon) that aren't superstars and apparently the one we acquired decided he doesn't want to play for us. And Bagley at the 5 might be the solution on offense for him, but he's just not capable of...
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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    I mean one thing that could really benefit us is the fact that he's "old" and he's going to be 22 by the time the draft comes around. Teams did something similar to Brandon Clarke that despite being an incredible fit for the NBA now as a big and being incredibly productive in college, he fell...
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    Bagley @ the 5 or bust.

    CoJo isn't a better shooter than Fox and isn't near the same offensive threat in the PnR or even just in general. Non-issue for me, especially considering Bogi, Barnes, Buddy and Bjelica are usually going to be the 3 of the 4 around those 2. That's the beauty of Holmes: doesn't really matter...
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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    Yeah just starting to deep dive a bit into some of these prospects and Toppin really stands out as new age big. I'd be curious to what others think of his current handle/playmaking ability on-ball but to me looks like he has enough juice to at least be a threat to take the ball off the dribble...
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    Bagley @ the 5 or bust.

    The issue with moving him to the 5 is already on the team. Look at how effective Richaun Holmes is already: He's a great rim protector, he's able to hedge out onto the perimeter on defense, he's a good, not great rebounder, he's an excellent rim runner that draws defenders to him and he's...
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    Athletic Article On the Kings Today

    I think what this article shows is that ownership isn't happy with the massive investment they made this off-season in Vlade's plan and it's back-fired in a huge way. Spent $60 mil this off-season on ineffective Free Agents (sans Holmes) or $80 million if you want to include the Buddy extension...
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    [Game] Kings at Bucks, Monday Feb. 10, 5 PM PT/8 PM ET

    Pretty big opportunity here for us if we actually want to make a playoff push possible. Previously scheduled loss, now giving us an actual chance to win. Bucks are still probably a 50 win team without Giannis, so won't be a pushover game by any means but at least we have some life. Game you...
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    Harry Giles and other thoughts

    The only thing that would make sense for both parties is if we agreed to a "golden handshake" sort of deal like a 3yr/13 mil with that 3rd year being a player option. Harry gets the guaranteed 5th and 6th year if things go bad with his knees and has the opportunity to hit UFA earlier than most...
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    Hollinger 30-win prediction

    I don't think it's possible to be this much of a negative on the court, so let's not go overboard here. But if current Bagley's numbers held up over the course of the season, it would be -2/3 wins less than we should have been.
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    [Game] Kings v. Spurs - Saturday, Feb. 9 - 7PT/10ET

    uhh no. He's an excellent rim runner, he almost never takes ISO possessions and he's the best on-ball screener on the team. He draws gravity with his rim-running ability since teams have to respect the lob off the PnR. Again On/OFF rating not perfect, but bigger same minutes does give a...
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    What's gonna happen when Holmes, Parker, Bagley come back?

    That's why finding big time wing talent has been king over the last 10 years in the NBA. You can find guys like Bjelly and Holmes who are super impactful to winning as your bigs, but don't take away from your wing stars and disrupt the offense. Unless your big is a unicorn offensive player (KAT...
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    [Game] Kings v. Spurs - Saturday, Feb. 9 - 7PT/10ET

    Yeah, inserting the hyper-efficient, low USG, defensive rim protector who plays his ass off every night surely would tank our starting 5.
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    What's gonna happen when Holmes, Parker, Bagley come back?

    Yeah, Bjelly at C has to stay if we care about winning. It's opened up so much on the offensive end and made everyone's life easier. We are shooting the cover off the ball right now, so that will regress some, but it's still an awesome look to turn too when we need an offensive punch. So if...
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    [Game] Kings v. Spurs - Saturday, Feb. 9 - 7PT/10ET

    We love you too big fella! I sincerely hope more than anything that we have a "golden handshake" deal with him and we get to watch this young fella develop into a monster over the next 10 years. As a fan, it's exciting watching a guy play like he does and loves and respect Sacramento as much as...
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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread)

    Not going to happen. This deadline showed us that the FO is perfectly content to run this core back next season and they bought into the "injuries" being the reason we're 12 games under .500. Off-season is going to be resigning Bogi, the 8-10th pick and the 2 2nd picks. Perhaps an MLE guy.
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    [NBA] Deadline Daaaaay!

    How is that horrible? This is exactly what a bad team should be doing. Signing decent vets to smaller contracts then flipping them to contenders for future assets. There's a lot to make fun of the Knicks for, but using their cap to acquire cheap cost-controlled young talent isn't one of them...
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    Dear Vlade, Surprise Us. Trade Bogi Today.

    yeah Im ready to see Fox-Buddy-Bogdan-Barnes-Holmes starters and letting it gel together. Start playing to this team's strengths and letting them thrive as a small-ball unit and in transition.
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    Ben McLemore

    One issue with RPM is it isn't adjusted for minutes. So once in awhile you'll get bench players that pop really nicely if they're super productive in their 15-20 MPG. And when they do get a spike in minutes in play well, that shifts there numbers a little too much. Love RPM overall, but that's...