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  1. chief bromden

    Michael Porter Jr

    Now that's a bit more accurate
  2. chief bromden

    Michael Porter Jr

    Please don't draft Porter. Even if the hip is inaccurate or an excuse, dude didn't play the end of the college season after being cleared by doctors. I want no part of this. Please tell me this is just smokescreening. I have a bad feeling the Kings are trading down and are keying on Porter...
  3. chief bromden

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)

    Yep... and the headline "Kevin Durant's alleged burner accounts are incredibly lame and totally understandable" via SBNation Just a generalization from 'burner phone' over to twitter. To be honest, I never heard of sockpuppet before so I guess it just reflects that the internet is a very large...
  4. chief bromden

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)

    Durant's 2nd account was called a burner account too.
  5. chief bromden

    [NBA] 2018 Finals

    Cool story bro!
  6. chief bromden

    [NBA] 2018 Finals

    Exactly. I watched the whole interview on NBAtv with the dude in New Jersey explaining that the trigger to review is uncertainty about the defenders presence in the restricted circle. That was never in doubt. The review should have never been triggered. That being said, the Cavs still had...
  7. chief bromden

    [NBA] 2018 Finals

    To be fair, if you could care less, that means you care at least a little and probably want to choose one of the poll options.
  8. chief bromden

    [Playoffs] Western Conference Finals

    Maybe one day, Harden will stop focusing so much on moves that are only intended to draw fouls. Often times in the playoffs, foul calls don't always happen like they do in the regular season. Time and time again, I've seen Harden make movements with the only intent being to draw the foul. If...
  9. chief bromden

    We're #2! (merged)

    What an exciting outcome, definitely nice to have some mind candy for the Kings future again
  10. chief bromden

    Kosta Koufos returning for another season

    He opted in, does that mean he will be back? Good backup center on last year of contract when salary cap room is hard to come by again. Seems like a more valuable trade chip than ZBo.
  11. chief bromden

    Bogdan has a slight medial meniscus tear

    Heal Well Bogdan, here’s hoping that it’s better that it was discovered and operated on now and not in October.
  12. chief bromden

    Kings lose tie breaker, get #7 pick!

    It’s comical cause it’s so Kangz, but in reality who knows what the future holds so maybe our fortunes shift!
  13. chief bromden

    Summer Plans

    The Kings need Bogdan and Buddy to make the leap, helping Fox up with them. Fox is a 20 year old point guard in the NBA. His leap, if he has one, may not happen for another 2-4 years. I hope he makes progress, mainly working on penetrating the lane as a threat to score and pass to wide open...
  14. chief bromden

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (APR)

    Amazing that it comes down to Twolves and Denver, and that they play each other on the last day. Play-in game! Super excited. Go Denver!
  15. chief bromden

    Frank Mason is a 3rd guard.

    I like Mason but think he is pretty interchangeable with a lot of other backup point guards. If the Kings were a playoff caliber team, I would keep Sampson over Mason if given the choice. I don’t think Mason has the size to be anything other than passable on the defensive end. I do enjoy...
  16. chief bromden

    what was the last movie you watched?

    It was my first 3D movie ever actually, as I usually choose 2D on purpose. Seemed like the premise warranted 3D and it was at IMAX. I thought it was amazing, made it feel like the action was a few feet in front of me. Really enjoyed it!
  17. chief bromden

    what was the last movie you watched?

    I watched Ready Player One last week. 3D was amazing, and really complemented the whole VR aspect of the movie I thought. Thoroughly enjoyed the film, but I haven't read the book.