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    Carmichael Dave sparks new conversation

    If someone takes over from Vlade, which isn't something I want, but: - They wouldn't be taking over a team disabled by bad contracts that are difficult to move - They wouldn't be walking into an awful locker room like VD did with Cousins and Karl or something that could have manifested with BW...
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    Luke Walton

    I think most would agree that there is no single cause of our struggles and that, in the sparse moments we have performed well, there is no single factor responsible. In fairness to Luke, the team has had a difficult run with injuries, has lost a number of close games, some of which the...
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    My period of logging out obviously didn't last long. I admit - I am impulsive. Plus I think it is important to vocally support Kings players. First - I think there is a difference between 'I would like to see MBIII set better screens' and 'he sucks, he has no future'. Sacramento used to hold...
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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread)

    For me, one of the consequences of the hard-line negativity that can exist on this forum is that I am less willing to share a balanced view myself. If I have a mix of positive and negative thoughts about a player, coach, or manager, I am more likely to share the positive ones because I feel the...
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    [Game] Kings @ Jazz - Saturday, Jan. 18 - 6PT/9ET

    Utah commentators, who are not unbearable, saying once Kings get comfortable playing against different defensive schemes they'll be formidable. I would add a defensive playmaker or two but will take it...
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    [Game] Kings @ Jazz - Saturday, Jan. 18 - 6PT/9ET

    Fox looking good. Bags has nice series of plays tapping rebound away from Rudy, setting screen for Buddy to make an open 2
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    [Game] Kings @ Jazz - Saturday, Jan. 18 - 6PT/9ET

    Looking fwd to having bogi back to play alongside MBIII and Fox. Expect we will take it to them, hope we do so for all 4...
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    Thread for the stubborn optimistic fans. Only for positive thoughts.

    I'm really looking forward to Bagley getting some consistent minutes. He's a talented young king and is fun to watch.
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    Is Buddy uncoachable? (Moved from Fox thread)

    In agreement with others who have said he would be a great 6th man. I feel Bogdan would be a better starter but he's not healthy that often. I have some sympathy for Buddy. Last year the team had no expectations, he had a green light in a high tempo offense and limited defensive accountability...
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    [Game] Bucks @ Kings, Friday Jan. 10, 7 PM PT/10 PM ET

    Bucks are at another level to the Kings and most other teams but I don't think we looked too bad out there really. The more reps the whole team gets under Walton and I think we will be fine.
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    [Game] Kings @ Suns - Tuesday, Jan. 7 - 6PT/9ET

    Kings are 1.5 games out of 8th position. Tough moments so far but team is fighting with allmplayers getting the chance to contribute
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    [Game] Kings @ Suns - Tuesday, Jan. 7 - 6PT/9ET

    Great result. I was watching the boxscore at work and got a bit scared during the third. Good to get the W
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    A Decade of Picks. Good Riddance

    It won't be good riddance because people on this forum will never let anything die
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    The Marvin Bagley thread

    Seems obvious but good to remember it is possible to like both Bailey and Giles as young Kings at the beginning of their professional basketball careers.
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    The Marvin Bagley thread

    I like MBIII. I don't really care if he's not a finished product. He's a young kid that plays for the Kings. He does lots of things on the court that are exciting that others on this team can't/don't do and there are several reasons to think he will keep getting better. Watching how players and...
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    Luke Walton

    I too made a negative comment or two about Luke. In fairness, it was a distressing start.
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    [Game] Kings at Lakers, Friday Nov 15, 7:30 PM PT/10:30 PM ET

    Laker commentators reviewing Bogdan's long 2, commenting on his foot, happily ignoring the hand on arm
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    [Game] Kings at Lakers, Friday Nov 15, 7:30 PM PT/10:30 PM ET

    Yeah what is the least amount of free throws taken by one team in a game??
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    [Game] Kings at Lakers, Friday Nov 15, 7:30 PM PT/10:30 PM ET

    Credit to Kings - without two key players and really taking it to the Lakers
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    [Game] Portland vs. Kings, Tuesday Nov. 12, 7 PM PT/10 PM ET

    In Australia, we have 'Movember' where men will grow a 'mo'/mustache. People can sponsor them to do it and $$$ raised usually goes towards men's health charities.