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    The ONE AND ONLY Luka Doncic discussion thread

    ** Moved from the Kings vs Mavs Game Thread, as it is now locked** I genuinely like you and I appreciate your contribution to this forum. I wish we had many more posters like you. But you are making it difficult to engage on anything that resembles criticism. And as a fellow fan I do wish to...
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    [Game] Kings v. Mavericks - Wednesday, Jan. 15 - 7PT/10ET

    Whilst I generally enjoy your insightful and - on occasions - humorous posts, I will admit that your contribution to this thread (or anything Luka related, for that matter) leaves much to be desired. There is no need to deflect. The Kings had the asset needed to get Luka and decided to pass on...
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    Im Really Unhappy To Be a Kings Fan

    Sometimes, when I read fans venting...
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    The Marvin Bagley thread

    I agree with you that nobody foresaw Doncic having such a huge and immediate impact on the Mavs. Despite what some of his fans are arguing, he was NOT a consensus 1st draft pick. It was, in fact, a two-horse race (with Ayton). Having said that, GMs are paid to make decisions on draft nights...
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    Soul searching

    They can go 0-82. They can trade players I like and draft talent I believe is questionable. They can replace coaches, GMs and owners (not necessarily in that order). As long as it reads Sacramento Kings on the front of the jersey I will be rooting for them.
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    Follow Kings players in FIBA World Cup games

    To summarise the U.S. attitude towards the tournament:
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    Retro jerseys

    I vote for Back In Black
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    [Game] Kings @ Lakers - Sunday, March 24 - 6:30PT/9:30ET

    Luck the Fakers.
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    Lakers Imploding

    Me: * Watching the Fakers implode * Also me:
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    It’s only January and we already have a contender in the “most needless thread of the year” category.
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    Dragan Bender?

    If I was Bender’s agent I would advise him to return to Europe to try and put his career back on track and regain his confidence. For his own sake he needs to take a break from the NBA, where he is currently considered a bust. A wasted 4th pick. He can’t even get any PT on the worst team in the...
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    [Game] Kings v. Lakers - Thursday, Dec. 27 - 7PT/10ET

    Luck the Fakers. Preferably twice over.
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    Luka Doncic (the 'LET'S RE-LITIGATE THE PICK UNTO PERPETUITY~!' thread)

    You should have told him he needs to wait (at least) 3 years before making a definitive opinion regarding the lobster
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    Looking back on the first time around

    I came here for White Chocolate. God knows why I stayed.
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    Markelle Fultz

    Fultz WAS a number 1 pick. What he currently IS , however, is a roster spot, a year commitment of $10m (expiring), a project with unnecessary drama and a potential bust. Not the attributes the Sixers, who are looking to compete in the East, are looking for. His value is plummeting. Good GMs...
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    DeAaron Fox

    I beg to differ. I do have one question: why is he not yet on the KingsFans website banner?
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    Mid-Season Trade Thought: Draymond Green

    Just quoting the only part of your post that I actually think makes sense.
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    TDOS Cabin by the Lake Movie Draft - DRAFT COMPLETED

    Undrafted movies I have on my shortlist: The Shining (1980) Birdman (2014) Inglourious Basterds (2009) Spirited Away (2001) The Green Mile (1999) The Sting (1973) The Last Emperor (1987) The Deer Hunter (1978) Merry Poppins (1964) A Clockwork Orange (1971) Leon (1994) Zatōichi (2003) See You Up...