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  1. pdxKingsFan

    Which vets should the Kings keep around? Which ones will they keep?

    This is great and I hope this isn't a threadjack, but if the team improves by ~10 games into the 35-40 win bracket next season, I think I would like to keep Temple and Koufos around for a few more years. Z-Bo I expect to see packaged mid-season for a draft pick.
  2. pdxKingsFan

    [Kings]Random items

    Mods feel free to move this one... Kings Twitter PR story:
  3. pdxKingsFan

    Discussion about women's sports (split from the Olympics thread)

    I'm not happy that the US Women (soccer) were eliminated from medal contention but they did need to be smacked down to earth, so I'm grateful for that. And hopefully Hope Solo can go crawl under a rock. I was really excited the following game when Australia almost bumped off Brazil but couldn't...
  4. pdxKingsFan

    2014 FIFA World Cup (contains spoilers)

    Opening match today. Quite a few goodies coming up. I'm excited.
  5. pdxKingsFan

    Dr. Jack Ramsay, RIP

    Sad news around Oregon today :( That team means a lot around here. What 2002 should be to Sac. RIP
  6. pdxKingsFan

    USL Soccer to Sacramento This is a great start on the road to luring MLS to Sacramento. Hope it works out. I'll come down to check out a game for sure.
  7. pdxKingsFan

    MLS to Sac? I was really excited to see this in my MLS newsfeed this morning until I saw that they want to put the team in Elk Grove. Seriously? WTF? Apparently they've learned nothing from the Kings fiasco and they...
  8. pdxKingsFan

    Is Gargamel still around?

    You know I'd never forget your birthday brother!
  9. pdxKingsFan

    Game of Thrones

    Are people here watching this? I just started a few nights back, now have watched all 9 episodes leading up to tomorrow's finale. At first I was drawn to some of the more shallow elements of the first episode but wow, the twists and turns have been amazing. This is one where I am glad that I...
  10. pdxKingsFan

    Thought for those of us in other NBA cities

    I've been thinking about things that those of us who are dedicated to seeing the Kings stay in Sacramento but aren't currently residents can do. For those of us living in other NBA cities one thing we can do is write our local ownership groups begging them to vote against this deal as one that...
  11. pdxKingsFan

    Sparky Anderson has passed RIP

    I'm not normally one to post these, but I was very sorry to hear that Sparky Anderson has passed today. Before I became a Red Sox fan I was actually on the Yankees team in little league (a very bitter pill to swallow now!!!) and my brother was on the Tigers. We fell in love with that 84 Series...
  12. pdxKingsFan

    For Gargamel (July 28)

    Happy birthday. You may have the best birthdate, but you like that other team, so no cake for you :p
  13. pdxKingsFan

    The World Cup Thread! [please use spoiler tags!!!]

    Just figured I'd start this up in advance of what is sure to be a very big game tomorrow. Try to keep results in spoilers on the weekdays if possible since many will be watching the games when they get home from work. For those needing a refresher on the game, the Onion's got you covered...
  14. pdxKingsFan

    More Donaghy (From Portland Weekly)

    So, I'm about to have lunch, ran down to pick up one of the alt-weeklies and see an interview with Donaghy, glance through it (haven't read it all yet) and see he's selling Portland the same bill of goods he is selling us, of course in Portland's case it isn't Dick Bavetta but Steve Javie who is...
  15. pdxKingsFan

    2010 Vancouver Olympics

    I know other people are watching, 4 days in and no thread except the one about the unfortunate luge accident? I feel like the TV coverage has been a bit poor so far, is it just me? Maybe because its in my own timezone that the tape delays are far more obvious?
  16. pdxKingsFan

    For Rockmeister (2/11)

    I'm sure 6th is busy, but couldn't let a Pats fan down... Happy Birthday! dang that's a big picture... whoops.
  17. pdxKingsFan

    Shocker... McGwire comes clean, admits steroid use

    And I wasted all my money on over the counter fitness regimens :p;_ylt=AkUMYVxaAo9Uu5Y3z5TcGak5nYcB?slug=ap-steroids-mcgwire&prov=ap&type=lgns
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    Shaq to Cavs?

    If I missed this being discussed somewhere forgive me. ESPN's Bottom Line says Suns and Cavs are in preliminary negotiations. eta: says trade "not imminent" but "talks ongoing":
  19. pdxKingsFan

    Sean Miller has change of heart: yes to Arizona

    Man I really hope this one is true. Wetzel seems to be the only one reporting this so far. eta: Fox Sports has it too:
  20. pdxKingsFan

    Frozen Four anyone?

    For me its a rare chance to see my alma mater on the tele. After being consistently at the top during the 90s the Boston University Terriers fell off for a bit but they're back on top as the number one team in the nation right now. They take on Ohio State in a few minutes. In any event in the...