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    Do we have a big wing?

    Most great teams have 6-9 to 6-11 wing that can shoot the 3? The Kings have lots of 6-5 wings and 6-10 to 7-0 centers. If we draft Ayton who can defend and play the wing? Since the short guys can’t stretch it would need to be one of WCS (unlikely), KK (really unlikely), Skal ( can shoot but...
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    Favorite GIF of the Kings Season.

    Here’s mine. LOL
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    Bogdan for our pick

    Would you trade Bogdan to get the Kings pick back from Boston?
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    Lock-out games (post incident information - retitled thread)

    I get having the entrances blocked one game but should the Kings have been prepared and insured fans could get in the game last night? Seems to be another example of lack of foresight and planning.
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    If we are 9 or 10 do you trade out

    At 9-10 the best player available is likely Collin Sexton or Alexander. If we are sitting there and assume the following are gone and Porter returns to school Ayton Doncic Jackson Bagley Bamba Young Mikal Bridges Wendell Carter. Do you reach for Knox or trade out of the spot with Phoenix...
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    Bogdanovic’s ceiling

    Okay we had an ongoing debate on Bogdanovic’s ceiling, here is an article that speaks directly to that subject: A couple items are left out. Bogi is putting up those numbers averaging only 27 minutes a game...
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    2018-19 Roster Prognostication

    Okay time to see who is the best prognosticator. Guess the Kings opening day 15 man game roster and yes many variables for which to account. What I think... Center: WCS, Bagley, KK PF: Giles, Skal, ZBo SF: Hezonja, Jackson, Caboclo SG: Bogdan, Heild, Shumpert PG: Fox, Mason, Temple 2...
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    Could this be the Kings plan?

    Okay I have been frustrated with Vlade because I couldn’t see the Kings plan. To me it looked like reactionary moves in the moment. More of the Vivek era.... But thanks to the many knowledgeable posters on this board I wonder if Vlade does have a clear actionable plan: 1) draft a 4/5 in the...
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    Potential second round picks

    This kid could be an interesting high upside 2nd round pick.
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    Should Kings guards switch roles in the half court? (split from game thread)

    Kings played well. It was the LIN crowds dream. I do wonder, and want others opinions, if the Kings would be better off with our guards changing roles in the half court. Fox is a dynamic scorer who will only get better as his shot improves. But his assist turnover ratio was sub-standard...
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    Possible Free agents

    Okay so next year no point in tanking and we should have some money under the cap. We aren’t signing Lebron but who might we sign? One thought to me is bring Isaiah home... He would provide scoring in the back court and team leadership.
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    Bogs - play or rest this summer? (split)

    I think Bogi’s learning why so many players take a summer off. It’s a long season. An off season of resting and just working on his step back 3 will be good for him.
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    Had we not swapped with Philly

    for those upset about the Philly trade (including me) consider: 1) Boston was going to draft Tatum 2) Kings needed a point guard and if Fultz were available we would have been tempted. 3) the odds of Vlade trading 3 and 10 for 1 and us getting an injured Fultz was not small. Swapping...
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    2018 draft fits with this team

    I know there is a prospect board but this board might be a happier place if we discuss prospects and fit with our team: Early returns for me is Ayton. I think Fox and Mason have the point nailed down. For the two I think one of the young kids will emerge between Buddy, Malachi and Bogdan...
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    Positive thoughts

    so let’s think about some good things 1) had we not swapped picks with Philly we would have had Fultz or Ball and I prefer Fox over them both at this stage. Worse case we might have traded 3 and 10 for 1 to take Fultz. 2) with our current record we have a shot at Bagley, Porter, Doncic or...
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    Trade Chriss for Bogdan and Skal?

    Yeah would you trade Chriss for Bogdan and Skal at this point?