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    Mo Bamba

    I personally would look to trade the #2 to Atl for their #3 and #19 picks (hell include #30). At which I would take Bagley, Hutchison and Wagner and call it a draft. I'm ALL IN on Bagkey at this point, I think he will end up as a rich man's Amare Stoudemire.
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    Marvin Bagley III

    I would do this in a heartbeat and grab Hutchison with that 19th pick like quick. As long as it was Bagley we were picking with Atlantas pick.
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    Karl Anthony Townes is Now Available

    I would rather have Bagley.
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    Luka Doncic

    Dont waste your post count on this drivel.
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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists

    We need to figure out a way to move up a bit and get Hutchison out of Boise. Great 2 way player and a sleeper SF candidate if we get Ayton
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    Would you trade #2 and a young player (Buddy/Bogi/WCS/Skal/JJ) for Kawhi?

    Are you the one fool who voted yes tho hahahaha!!!
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Only with a sign and trade deal which means the Kings have to give up a player with a larger contract. Shump or something of that ilk
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    We're #2! (merged)

    If the Kings get Ayton he will be back. With bells on.
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Doncic is the guy YOU want bud.
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    We're #2! (merged)

    So was Jordan
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Ayton has always reminded me of a Shaq/DeMarcus cross.
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    We're #2! (merged)

    For once VF you will get no argument from me there. It's a damn fine day to sport the royal purple and some black!!!
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Josh Jackson will be looked at as a stretch 4. They just hired Doncic's old coach. No way they pass on him.
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Well obvious tanking doesn't get rewarded in this instance.
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Fox is clutch
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    Are we still thinking of what could have been with these players?

    Not too sure what this means. Their banners have nothing to do with their current team and fortunes/success. Danny Ainge is a smart, shrewd and probably the most successful front office head in the past few decades. His pick for a coach and ability to retool on the fly is in a class in and of...
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    Are we still thinking of what could have been with these players?

    Hill was a half year rental that turned into what you posted. We had to hit the salary floor. It was a treadmill move. No harm, no foul. To get upset about it is splitting hairs.
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    Are we still thinking of what could have been with these players?

    This!!! Those couple/few years Mr. Thinks 2 steps ahead was running things set the franchise back 3+ years easily. The 'best' thing he accomplished was trading for Gay and even that move I sorely question. Drafting McLemore and Stauskus in consecutive years was absolutely DREADFUL.
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    New Era Prediction Game 2017-18: Game Over!! See You in a New Thread Next Season

    Thanks for the game Ron!! Appreciate your hard work