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    Results are in on Bogie

    So. Do you trade Buddy Hield for a late pick or sf? Is there even a market for him? Or do you try to convince him to be a hired gunner, a Lou Williams/Jamal Crawford player?
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    Postgame Thread - Kings vs. Bucks - 12/2

    I know the game isnt over yet but its probably easiest to switch over in a timely fashion so let' hear it! Nice to see Foxy get his game on with no ZBo as a lifeline to start. But yeah, ZBo is our best player even if myself and others thought it would have been Mr. No show George "Sisco" Hill.
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    Parking at G1C?

    Maybe we can have a thread specifically for news about the opening of G1 Center and everything people will need to know to research seating, traffic, events and such? Gonna start with this SacBee article (I know we hate the Bee but sometimes the info actually helps..)...
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    Looking forward to how Joerger will play WCS

    I think Joerger meister might utilize WCS in that Gasol high elbow fashion. The rook showed an uncanny ability to play at the NBA speed as well as see the floor and crash from any spot 18 feet out. With his ability to get from rim to rim in such a quick fashion (Gazelle) I would imagine Joergs...