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  1. Gliesian

    How much of this is Vivek's fault? (split)

    My memory is too poor and google didn't help; was Karl Vivek's hire or Vlade's? I want to know so I can really get mad or just slightly upset :D
  2. Gliesian

    Arena lawsuit over - Kings win! (retitled) 3 residents are suing the city of Sacramento for colluding with the Kings. I'm not sure what to make of this, or if it really went down like the journalist says. Was the public really unaware of the...
  3. Gliesian

    Arena @ Cal Expo Rumor

    My friend told me last night that the new Arena is set in stone to be placed at the Cal Expo site. He doesn't watch basketball and claims to have a reliable source. So take it for what it's worth! Also, Beno has a 1970's camaro that is being modified. lol
  4. Gliesian

    Martin/Evans so far...

    It seems that our players aren't comfortable playing with Martin... and it was pretty obvious today that Martin's defense is horrendous. Tyreke saved his butt at least once when he got lit up repeatedly, which was cool in a way because he knew he was going to get torched at the start of the...
  5. Gliesian

    Beno reminds us why he's here

    Although this has been discussed in the Grizz thread, it seems inevitable after Beno's performance tonight that this topic needs its own space. Beno runs the offense better than Tyreke. Whether Evans should come off the bench for Martin/Beno or start himself as SF or PG, I would like to see...
  6. Gliesian

    C-webb on inside the nba just came across this- not very entertaining but I gotta start a thread one of these days =P