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    NBA Head Coaches In or Out

    Figured I'd start a thread on NBA head coaches and the moves that will be made or rumored names for jobs Knicks - Hornacek out............ Fizdale in Magic - Vogel out.................. ? In Hornets - Clifford out.............. ? In Suns - have hired Igor Kokoskov.......assistant for Utah...
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    Nigel Hayes

    Apparently we signed him for the remainder of this year and also next year per a Woj tweet
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    Rebuild Strategy (or WE WANT LINS!)

    Here's a thread to look at how other teams are rebuilding. Just reading a bunch of the comments in other threads and game threads, I wanted to compare the Kings playing time with other teams. My personal feelings are there are no absolutes when it comes to a rebuilding plan. Lots of differing...
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    Matt Jones

    We just signed him according to Jason details but we got 15 guys under contract and 2 2 way guys. Jones is a former Dukie.....I know zilch about him
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    Maloofs bet Mayweather to beat McGregor

    @LVSportsBiz: @LVSportsBiz EXCLUSIVE: Maloofs place $880,000 bet on @FloydMayweather to beat @TheNotoriousMMA… @LVSportsBiz: @LVSportsBiz reports @Never2Hungovr plans to give all winnings from $880,000 wager on @FloydMayweather to charity.…
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    Celtics and 76ers deal

    Looking like there is going to be a deal.....Celtics get pick at 3 and more picks while 76ers get Fultz
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    Trade deadline approaching for Kings

    The other trade thread was getting rather big,so I started this one....... 1 month to go before trade deadline. The biggest names out there rumor wise that may be attainable for us are Rubio, Millsap, Dragic, Brandon Knight , Cam Payne...others still out there are Greg Monroe, Melo but no...
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    Ty Lawson

    He signs a 1 year deal per Woj.
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    USA v China real game

    Go USA and Cuz!
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    USA v Argentina

    Figured I'd put this here, in case anyone else is watching it. After 1st Q, Boogie and DeAndre Jordan just abusing Argentina on the boards.
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    Seems to me that he's the realistic guy who will be traded and bring back a like vet SG. Who might that be? PHX is heavy on guards and are looking to move Bledsoe or Knight. I think to obtain something like that we would have to move some combination of Gay, Koufos and Ben. Might have to...
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    Bledsoe and Gay

    Sure has been a lot of chatter in regards to these two from multiple sources but it some of it was Chad Ford-like in that the proposed deal was Bledsoe for Gay and 8. F to the no on that but if it was a straight deal of the two vets, then absolutely. I think the trade value for both guys is...
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    There is chatter that the Bulls may be trading D Rose. If and I stress if, Sac offered up a package to obtain him, what might it take? Supposedly the Bulls told the TWolves that it would take the 5th pick and Wiggins which of course would be initial smoke. For me, I would make an offer but...
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    Hornets bigs and pick

    With the trade of Stephenson to the Clips and the Hornets acquiring Hawes, they have a potential surplus of bigs, plus the pick at 9 is within range of some of these guys we have been working out in regards to Payne, Dekker. Hornets looking for outside shooters. Seems like a swap of picks plus...
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    Rudy Gay

    This is meant to be a: what might the Kings get for Rudy trade thread. I personally wouldn't deal him. But knowing what the FO is trying to do as far as playing style, they may see him as a trade chip. I do believe that the FO would trade him after talking him into an extension at a team...
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    George Karl info

    Here's a link to some info on Karl and his associations with Mullin, PDA, etc Wasn't sure where to put this so started a new thread...feel free to move if necessary. The title of the link says...
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    3-point shooting

    Was responding to the Malone thread and how the flawed roster is lacking or rather still lacking 3-point shooting. Ben is over 40%, Gay and DWill at 36% but Collison is down to 30%, Stauskas 24%, Ray at 28%, Casspi a dismal 14%....Ramon 29%. We are bottom 3 in the league in 3 pointers made...
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    Rondo Saw this on a tweet....Jackie MacMullen reporting Rondo is asking for a trade and he would not resign with the Kings. I'm curious as to where he may end up. Most playoff teams already have their PG in...
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    Front office - who's in charge? (split)

    It would be nice to know the behind the scenes dynamics instead of reading between the lines of tweets and here say. What we do know is that the FO has continually said it needed to change the culture....that part is fact. The FO is not going to come right out and say that this guy is selfish...
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    Marshon Brooks

    Saw a tweet from Jonathan Santiago that Sacramento is trying to add Brooks to the Summer League roster. Nothing solid yet as other teams are also trying to get him as well. I'd take a flyer on him. I've seen him have some good moments a few years ago. Hasn't really had an opportunity lately...