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    Bogs makes NBA all-rookie second team

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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists

    Basketball Insiders have Kings taking Porter while Jackson falls a bit......based on what is being heard. Smokescreen or not?
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    [Playoffs] Western Conference Finals

    Good night in the NBA...Warriors lost
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    Michael Porter Jr

    Question for others to ponder.....because that's what I'm waiting for..... What if Porter comes in for a workout with a few others and blows the staff away? And the Kings medical staff says his back is not going to be a problem. I personally will take Doncic or Ayton but what if Porter kills...
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    Michael Porter Jr

    I guarantee someone from this draft will be the best player in this draft.
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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists

    Not sure where to put this so ill put it here......reading on twitter that Atlanta has Trae Young high on their draft in THEE pick for them. Makes sense with Schroeder wanting out and Young's potential. Atlanta cold be a trade down candidate.
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    Who do you want with our #36 pick?

    Someone we can stick on a g-league contract and develop......preferably some 6'9 guy who can be a SF/stretch 4 type.
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    Luka Doncic

    In regards to Doncic and athleticism, I keep thinking how many had Bogie coming in as potentially struggling in that area....turns out he's quite good with the ball in his hand and defending and even defending faster or bigger guys. He knows how to play the game. I'm guessing Doncic is going...
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    Who's your bandwagon team?

    My bandwagon team is whomever is playing the Warriors or Celtics.
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    Luka Doncic

    I think you should read more closely. I haven't made him our centerpiece, I'm just pointing out what players and management and Christie have said about Giles. I'm sure everyone is in a wait and see mode regarding Giles. And as far as Christie being positive, he is but he also has been...
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    Luka Doncic

    The list is long....from Doug Christie, who doesn't blow smoke, to the players on the team. There is no link as its been said in comments throughout the year. Of course, Giles has to show it in real games, but at this point, Sac believes they have a gem on their hands.
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    Luka Doncic

    Or.....they are dropping just enough smoke so that no team trades up with Phx and takes Doncic.....most likely scenario
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    Luka Doncic

    He is not staying in Real Madrid. I was told by a few teams on Thursday and again Friday - Kings telling others they are not taking Luka - that can always change, but I am hearing Porter Jr and Bamab may be more real than Luka at this stage.… This is from Steve...
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    Who do you want at #2

    Saw a decent trade proposal Pick at 2 to Dallas for their pick and Harrison adding a contract like Koufos or similar.
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    Deandre Ayton

    Case in point, the Suns made the trade with us to get Marquis Chriss. Dumb deal.
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    Who do you want at #2

    Doncic is a lock at 2 if available. A lock. Franchise player.
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    So What FA do you give the max to match our new #2 Pick

    I personally would wait to max out any guy this year. Keep your cap flexibility one more year, see what you got in Giles and the pick, hope Fox takes the next step, become attractive to next years FA class and then make a move on a max contract. I think we are 1 year too early for a major move.
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    Luka Doncic

    Didnt read the report above but someone tweeted out that Doncic has a bit of leverage in that if he didnt want to go to the Suns, he could tell them he won't sign and force their hand.......that is if he wants to be with Sac and Bogie and Vlade. Suns can't afford that situation....not the Kings.
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Yep....Pollard has been fairly good in his accuracy on guys....makes me think although I like Bagley too. Still with Doncic if he's there though.
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    Would you trade #2 and a young player (Buddy/Bogi/WCS/Skal/JJ) for Kawhi?

    No.....stay with the process and see who our keepers are going forward. Way to early in the process to make a deal like this when we have no idea what Giles is, how good Fox will be and what the pick will become.