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  1. upinsmoke

    Trading back for Mikal Bridges.

    I really think Mikal is going to be a great player in the league. I would consider trading back for Orlando's #6 and their pick next year or J. Isaac. We're atrocious defending the perimeter he'll be such a great fit here.
  2. upinsmoke

    WCS interview on CNN.

    Says the Kings should draft or trade for a SF. He also gives props to VC and ZBO. To me he's a keeper. Shout out to Pound th' Rock on STR for the link.
  3. upinsmoke

    Julius Randle

    Given how Joerger likes to operate a big in the post I would think he would like to have a player like Randle to bully down low. There are not many teams with cap space this summer so I think we could make a offer to Randle. I wouldn't let the offer sit on the table for to long so we aren't used...
  4. upinsmoke

    G. Temple contract extension?

    If GT would opt out would you like to see him offered a reasonable multi year deal? He looks like he still has plenty of tread on his tires and he makes a great insurance policy.
  5. upinsmoke

    The old barn.

    Any updates on what's going on with the old barn? Would hate to see her collect dust for years on end.
  6. upinsmoke

    Frank Mason is a 3rd guard.

    I don't think he can consistently play extended mins on a contending team. I think the team should look for another PG in the 2nd round. Now that doesn't mean I don't think Mason can't contribute to the Kings but I think his best role would be in the 3rd guard slot.
  7. upinsmoke

    Trading this years #1.

    Obviously depending on exactly where we land in the lottery but everything should be under careful consideration with asset management right now. Randolph + Shumpert + 1st For O. Porter + 1st If Washington underachieves in the PO's they might consider changing things up. A...
  8. upinsmoke

    Skal out 2/3 weeks

    Labissiere will miss 2/3 weeks with a shoulder injury per the Kings. Sacramento Kings forward Skal Labissiere will be out for approximately 2-3 weeks with a strained left shoulder he has experienced since mid-January. An examination on Tuesday by Bay Area orthopedic specialist Dr. Marc Safran...
  9. upinsmoke

    Kings / Blazers trade.

    Kings trade G. Hill for M. Harkless and E. Davis. (who probably gets bought out) Kings get a SF who is age appropriate for this team and the Blazers get a Combo guard to take some pressure off their backcourt. Does this seem like a reasonable offer for both teams and does it make sense to you?
  10. upinsmoke

    Kosta and Temple player options

    Both can opt out this summer I think Temple does for sure but I'm not certain about Kosta. The market for a traditional C is not very high right now but he's still young enough to get a few more guaranteed years. I don't like our chances at re signing Temple because of the 2 guards we have on...
  11. upinsmoke

    G. Temple interview Give this guy a lifetime Kings contract already.
  12. upinsmoke

    P. Beverly

    There are some reports that Houston could be shopping Beverley. Could he be the type of player who could help groom Fox if we indeed do pick him?
  13. upinsmoke

    Kosta Koufos

    Everyone is familiar with Kosta and his strengths and weaknesses. I think in general the consensus is his value to us is as an example to the younger guys and especially Papagiannis. I think there is value to that but my question is how much is that worth to us and does he have a future with the...
  14. upinsmoke

    Gear towards GSW.

    Obviously right now we are just trying to lay down the foundation of our rebuild. That team over there 80 west is going to be there for a while and eventually we'll have to meet them. Trying to match their firepower is a horrible strategy imo. I think we have to become a defensive squad who can...
  15. upinsmoke

    Frank Mason

    Kings are bringing him in for a second workout. He's probably on the short list for #34. I like the idea of drafting him.
  16. upinsmoke

    Justin Jackson

    As many of you know the Kings brought in Jackson for a work out. He's a 22 year old junior who has shown he's capable of improving every year. So with this young man on our radar what are your thoughts? Personally I think he's going to be a good pro. And FWIW I think Scott Perry really likes him...
  17. upinsmoke


    Just for conversion sakes let's say that we took a PG at #5 and Isaac is off the board while we are on the clock at #10. I personally think OG is the best choice in that scenario possibly even if Isaac is still there. Most mock drafts have in in the 13-15 range but I would still take him at 10...
  18. upinsmoke

    I. Cousins future with the Kings

    Vlade had a nice draft night last year and one of the players who gets lost in the shuffle is I. Cousins who was drafted in the 2nd round. He's been in Reno and has had some good games up there. If he can develop like the rest of guys we have sent to the D league and produce talk about a grand...
  19. upinsmoke

    Langston Galloway

    So now that we have seen a little bit more of him what are your thoughts of his future with the Kings?
  20. upinsmoke

    Charges filed against Darren Collison^tfw 1hJames Ham‏ @James_Ham Collison is being charged with two misdemeanor counts - domestic violence and domestic battery stemming from May 30 incident. Per Ham he's looking at a couple of counts of domestic battery. Suspension more than...