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    Deandre Ayton Ayton will be very good at defense in the pick and roll as well as switched on the perimeter. Likely to be mediocre at defending the paint but starting Giles next to him will help the team out in that...
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    Otto Porter Jr

    It’s evident Washington will trade one of Wall, Porter, Beal. Doubt it’s beal Wall contract is too big that leaves Porter who has A good backup behind him. Porter is an elite 3D player who can be a lot more with opportunity, he averaged 18-7 when Wall was out. At only 24 he hasn’t hit his...
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    Game of Zones
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    What does Buddy Hield need to work on to continue to improve?

    With Buddy’s improvements what do you guys think is keeping him away from being. Beal/Klay like scorer and player
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    we’ve had debates about how bad our offense is in every game thread this article points to how out of touch and outdated this offense is. -We tank bottom 3 in the most efficient shots 3 point(30), within 5feet...
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    Kristaps Porzingis

    Probably unlikely but how would we feel about 5, 10, and WCS for Porzingis. Apparently he's upset there won't talk with Phil or the head coach and also skipped out on end of the year interview...
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    I don't know how to message a Staff member on here. Can I staff member message me please. Thanks