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    The NBA and China

    I cancelled my court side seats of 3 years because of the non stop political crap. I'm tired of it.
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    California Classic Game 1 Kings versus Warriors 7/1/19

    Every time he's mentioned it's followed up with "all he has to do is lose 60 or 70 pounds"... I'm sorry but there is no excuse for this guy not to be in great shape at this point. You're a fringe guy who has unlimited access to a state of the art training facility, an elite training staff to...
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    Sacramento sports radio programming changes?

    This. The last time I actually tuned into KHTK regularly was when Dave had his night show. It was no frills and simply discussed Kings basketball. None of the cringy crap that's taken over the station the past few years. In regards to the other guys on the station, Damian Barling is the...
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    Bring back Boogie? (split from Grant/Boogie thread)

    DMC was a good guy in the community but was a completely jerk in the locker room, specifically towards younger guys. He’s not a good teammate. I don’t want him anywhere near this young core. Not a winner.
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    Should Kings go for Josh Jackson?

    Cousins was a crybaby with a bad attitude. Josh Jackson is flat out a piece of ****. He brought his infant to a concert possibly causing permanent hearing damage. Now the mother is accusing him of getting the baby high by smoking around her. Nevermind Sac, this loser doesn’t deserve to be in...
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    Harrison Barnes is opting out

    Barnes is a solid player, not a game changer. Vlade, please do no break the bank over this dude.
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    Kings will no longer have cheerleaders

    Did the dance team call for this? How about the season ticket holders? Were there complaints from the break dancers about sharing the spotlight? Were there dozens of men kicking down the door to try out for the dance team?... I'd be willing to bet that the answer to all of the above is NO. All...
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    Jrue Holiday?

    This! I want Patrick Beverley more anyway.
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    Kings hire Luke Walton

    Luke Walton is a players coach. He had those young lakers looking nice before LeBum came to town. We’ve got crazy talent on this team an no egotistical head cases. He just needs to play them in their natural positions and let them loose. I think he’s a solid hire. Also, Luke was not fired over...
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    Walton fired by Lakers; Kings make offer (merged)

    Young players on the Lakers already showing appreciation for Walton. Did anyone on our team show any love for DJ? I don’t remember seeing anything.
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    Brandon Williams GONE

    Should have fired this clown months ago. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
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    Better pick? Doncic or Bagley? split from Vlade thread ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

    Both can be game changers on the floor but Doncic has that "it" factor that seems to only come around every couple years. I'd take Doncic over Bagley any day.
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    Next head coach candidates

    Brad Stevens worked out pretty well for Boston. I’d take him over every name mentioned so far.
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    What are you thoughts on Ty Corbin? ;)
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    Jason Jones just tweeted.... "Outside of player/management relationships there were on-court concerns, too. Bagley and Giles minutes were one thing. So was starting Harrison Barnes at PF for a stretch, even though Joerger had noted the lack of a true SF on the roster." THIS!!! DJ basically...
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    No thanks! He dogged Sacramento to take the Orlando job.
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    Love the move! Now go get Ettore Messina!
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    [Game] Nets @ Kings - Tuesday, March 19 - 7PT/10ET

    Just got home from the game... wow. What can you say, Russell was absolutely incredible. So was Hollis-Jefferson who I believe triggered the comeback when he muscled his way in and dunked on Yogi Ferrell. Seemed like an attitude shift in the game in favor of the Nets at that point.
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    [Game] Kings @ Wizards - Monday, March 11 - 4PT/7ET

    Can we get pre-All Star Break Buddy back?
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    [Game] Kings @ Wizards - Monday, March 11 - 4PT/7ET

    This team has got talent but man do that make some brain dead plays with the game on the line. Fox throws the ball around. down 3 and buddy takes the deepest 2 you can take... ???