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  1. OptimusRhyme

    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    what a biatch for going to the press like that. Major vibe killer. 100 million dollars to do what you absolutely love in life in front of people that absolutely love watching you do it. And hes insulted? First world problems i guess.
  2. OptimusRhyme

    Following 2019 draftees!!!

    "The Disruptor"
  3. OptimusRhyme

    Following 2019 draftees!!!

    Its just crazy how those insane college #'s are seamlessly transitioning to the NBA. He might just be the saviour on my fantasy team :) His three point shot looks pretty smooth thus far, he attacks the rim nicely at times. I think his offense will be fine. Man Philly is scary defensively.
  4. OptimusRhyme

    Following 2019 draftees!!!

    Thybulle is a freak.. That Kid is everywhere on defense. Hes got like 10 + blocks and 10 + steals in three preseason games.. in like 20 mpg!!!! DPOY potential or sure.. man i wish Kings traded for him.
  5. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Kings @ Jazz - 10/14/19

    Jazz are supposed to be top 3 in the west? psh. Kings taking it to em.
  6. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Friday morning game

    Yogi from half! and all the Yogis go nuts!
  7. OptimusRhyme


    Raps way over your head, like oldschool Vince Carter.
  8. OptimusRhyme

    Player Averages predictions

    I like your prediction, but you forgot Bjelica. I think he'll be around 6-8 ppg. Ariza and Giles will be slightly lower imo. I feel like Fox will drop around (15-17 ppg). I think he surpasses 10 apg and could lead the league in asts.
  9. OptimusRhyme

    Thank you Kosta.

    I'll always remember that one time he hit a hook shot from near three point land. I felt complete in that moment.
  10. OptimusRhyme

    New JJ

    Love his game- I think vlade got a gem here. Bogi & Ariza are great mentors for his style of play. I feel like he could be a Christie type of player in the end.
  11. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

  12. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    James with relentless defense in that first stint
  13. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    cameron payne looks like a human squirrel Roby looks like a randomized created 2K19 player
  14. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

  15. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    *A Wild Giles appears* Giles uses Headbutt for 10 damage
  16. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    no doubt- I feel like James has much more offensive skill then what we're seeing.
  17. OptimusRhyme

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    Christon dribbles way to much. I wanna see some P&R's initiated by James & Guy.
  18. OptimusRhyme

    Kings summer league

    if anyone needs the live stream hit me up
  19. OptimusRhyme

    Kings sign Richaun Holmes 2/10

  20. OptimusRhyme

    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    they got Kemba