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  1. whitechocolate

    What 3 things do you want to see in camp/Training Camp 2019

    Luke Walton on Media Day: "When we get stops, that's when we're a jailbreak team." "But if a team scores, or we're taking the ball out of bounds after a dead ball, we want to be able to flow." "If we want to not only get to the Playoffs, but then win in the Playoffs, we have to be able to...
  2. whitechocolate

    Harry been workin

    I'm close to being almost, just shy of, not quite, bordering on, verging on, approaching the brink of a roughly similar level of fitness.
  3. whitechocolate

    TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)

    I suspect my album picks are even less likely to be picked by somebody else than my movie picks were last year. Though based on his film selection I am quite curious to see if Turgenev and I have any overlap.
  4. whitechocolate

    TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)

    I didn't mean it like that. If you couldn't do it, you couldn't do it. I'd still like to see what you and anybody else's lists may have looked like.
  5. whitechocolate

    TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)

    Bummer. I was really looking forward to seeing what people here like, and curious as to who if anybody would like my picks. I don't see why we couldn't have done the draft with who we have. Oh well. I'll post what my list may have looked like anyway. These would almost certainly be my top...
  6. whitechocolate

    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    All I see when I look at the schedule are 82 winnable games. The days of tough stretches and writing games off as losses are behind us.
  7. whitechocolate

    FiveThirtyEight Project Kings to Finish Last in West

    I just keep thinking that the game is going to come very easily to Fox this upcoming season. I think it could be the year we really see how special a player he is. If Bagley makes a significant jump, we are going to have a lot of fun.
  8. whitechocolate

    TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)

    I just realized VF21 made this thread on my birthday. I was hoping for this very category for this summer's TDOS too. Thanks for the present. :)
  9. whitechocolate

    FiveThirtyEight Project Kings to Finish Last in West

    Their Carmelo rating categorizes Deandre Ayton and Jaren Jackson Jr. as "future all-stars", yet categorizes Marvin Bagley III as just a "project". It also categorizes Buddy Hield as just an "average starter". 538 might want to avoid sports forever.
  10. whitechocolate

    Next season’s scapegoat.

    Neither was my post. Consider this a belated :p;).
  11. whitechocolate

    Next season’s scapegoat.

    Is this a thread about who we're going to blame when we win the championship in seven games instead of four? Seems kind of petty
  12. whitechocolate

    Kings will no longer have cheerleaders

    I had a couple Kings cheerleaders at my bar mitzvah party. I don't see the 916 Crew being in demand to do such events.
  13. whitechocolate

    TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)

    I am absolutely in. Music is my passion. I have very eclectic record collection and a pretty decent stereo system. And I'm always happy to recommend some of my favorites, even if I'm not too good at describing what makes them great.
  14. whitechocolate

    Thank You Coach Joerger Thread!

    Thanks Joerger. The Kings' young players developed very well under your coaching. That's all a fan can ask for in the early years of a new era.
  15. whitechocolate

    The Great In-N-Out Burger Controversy of 2019

    I do. Though I haven't read this thread in a while so my timing is bad. Mr. Fox, I hope you read this too. Take it from somebody who was born and raised in Sacramento; In-N-Out Burger is indeed meh at best. But for a similar price, higher quality offerings can be had at Willie's Burgers on...
  16. whitechocolate

    Jerry Reynolds

  17. whitechocolate

    Luka Doncic (the 'LET'S RE-LITIGATE THE PICK UNTO PERPETUITY~!' thread)

    I think the most valuable player is who can create the greatest sum of points created plus opposing points prevented. Luka will be able to create points Bagley can't, and Bagley will be able to create points Luka can't. They both have great touches and will be able to create their own shots in...
  18. whitechocolate

    Luka Doncic (the 'LET'S RE-LITIGATE THE PICK UNTO PERPETUITY~!' thread)

    Seriously though. Bagley's tenacity and athleticism are already showing what he can be with more experience and strength. I think he is going to be one of the best rebounders in the game with the ability to go right back up for a basket after an offensive rebound. That alone will net the...
  19. whitechocolate

    Rank the players

    I just listed the players I can see as part of our rotation going forward, which I'm happy to say is many. We can probably close the gap between us and the perennial playoff teams just by allowing Fox, Bagley, and Giles to meet their potential. Signing another talented SF would put us over the...