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  1. hrdboild

    what was the last movie you watched?

    I'm guessing you missed it in the theater? That's a movie that works really well on a big screen but at home it can be hard to get into. Especially if you missed out on the theater experience the first time 'round and so have no residual memory of that experience to push you through. I bought...
  2. hrdboild

    The NBA and China

    That's what the NBA wants right now. I think this csse goes beyond politics though. Which is why so many people are offended that they're refusing to make a statement beyond "we officially declare that we have no opinion". Whether they like it or not, the NBA as an organization has been called...
  3. hrdboild

    FiveThirtyEight Project Kings to Finish Last in West

    There is also the issue of two teams in our division getting a lot better. That's 8 games right there. Depending on what you think of Phoenix adding Rubio and Saric to the developing core of Booker, Ayton, and Bridges, they may be a tougher matchup too. These kinds of predictions are usually...
  4. hrdboild

    Cousins to Lakers

    Nobody tops Yankees fans for entitlement, but the Red Sox have been right near the top in payroll for pretty much this entire millennium and all of the national MLB coverage continues to act like the other 28 teams don't matter. I'm sick of hearing about a rivalry that only matters to people...
  5. hrdboild

    Cousins to Lakers

    Yankees fans are easily the worst. Red Sox fans are almost as bad because they think they're some kind of feel-good underdogs even though they're really just the Yankees in different clothes. As for the Dodgers... have you ever visited Dodger Stadium in anything other than a Dodgers hat?
  6. hrdboild

    Cousins to Lakers

    Fully agreed on the fans*. I know some good people who happen to like the Lakers (we all have our flaws) but en masses they're an insufferable ungrateful bunch. The ones I've talked to are mad the Lakers signed Boogie cause he's not a star (not sure how that computes exactly but just smile and...
  7. hrdboild

    Cousins to Lakers

    In all seriousness, I think it's important to remember that these guys are people first and basketball players second. The 2002 playoffs were 17 years ago. Everyone who played in that series has retired. We now have a former Laker managing our team and a former Laker coaching our team. The MVP...
  8. hrdboild

    Cousins to Lakers

    Well damn. Rondo and Cousins? I can't root against those guys. Just can't do it. Two of my all-time favorite players and just sports personalities in general. And then we've got Luke Walton on our sideline.... The world as I know it has gone upside down. Maybe I should just take a break from the...
  9. hrdboild

    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    The Warriors play in the Bay Area for one thing, but even without that key difference its taken 10 years of horrible basketball for us to barely be competitive and now we have another new head coach. If we're in the verge of Warriors 2.0 level success it"s going to take a few years to get there...
  10. hrdboild

    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    Up-voted for Stanley Johnson mention! I don't know how much I still believe in him but if nothing else he ought to be dirt cheap and happy just to be on a team next year. His offense has been inexcusably bad but the guy flat out knows how to play defense. I think that's worth a flier.
  11. hrdboild

    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    I think some of you either (A) are determined to be unhappy no matter what or (B) have an inflated sense of what is possible in Free Agency for this market. Nobody is putting Sacramento at the top of their list -- not one player ever has or will. Retaining decent players when we get them is the...
  12. hrdboild

    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    That's a fair deal right now for a steady starting SF. The problem with Barnes has always been that he's not a guy who gets your blood boiling. He's just kind of there on both ends, making enough nice contributions to justify his presence on the floor but rarely jumping out with anything...
  13. hrdboild

    Slim has his team - who would be on yours?

    Hmmm, I like this idea. Here's what I'm thinking right now: My PG is going to be De'Aaron Fox. There's older guys who are playing at a much higher level right now but in terms of what I personally like to see at the PG position, Fox is frighteningly close to the prototype which is why I was so...
  14. hrdboild

    Horford Opting out?

    The problem with Horford is that he's already past his peak so we'd have no choice but to overpay for past performance. Generally speaking that's something that financially prudent teams avoid. Chance of serious injury is high and you're also looking at a high likelihood of declining performance...
  15. hrdboild

    West Coast in November

    I don't think there's really a bad time to visit California. It can be wet December to April, especially in Nor Cal but it's still nothing like the weather they have back East or in the Midwest. Also there's just a lot of people here all the time so the long lines and traffic are pretty much...
  16. hrdboild

    Tyreke Evans Watch 2K18

    OJ Mayo got the same ban more recently. At the time of his suspension, this is what was reported: (link) So it could be a number of things, none of which will be easy for Tyreke to come back from. Last I heard OJ was playing in China, still trying to make his way back to the NBA. Chris...
  17. hrdboild

    Luka Doncic - performance discussion

    Thanks for your input! It's always good to hear the perspective of fans who are outside of the Sacramento Kings media bubble. If you watch a lot of Kings broadcasts and read local media it eventually becomes difficult to remain unbiased. Your thoughts on the topic align pretty closely to my own...
  18. hrdboild

    MLB Offseason / 2019 Season Thread

    How about a salute to Oakland for finally getting a Khris Davis contract extension signed! Here's to two more years of Khrush Bombs in the Bay!
  19. hrdboild

    Kings hire Luke Walton

    My reaction to this news is uncharacteristically blank. I basically have no opinion. We hired a guy. Vlade knows him and they obviously get along so that's a positive. When was the last time we had a coach and GM who were in agreement about where to take the team? Not since Geoff and Rick...
  20. hrdboild

    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    Can't like this enough! Here's to another 7 looong years of futility for them! No NBA team deserves it more! :D