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    New JJ

    Good on James. I hope he surprises the league and becomes the steal of the draft. Holmes situation concerns me a bit. It's been brought up before but barring injuries or pushing back Giles where will he get the playing time he diserves. I think he was free agency coup and want him to flourish here.
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    Early Playoff predictions

    Yeah, also not sure what roll Morris is willing to play. At least with Ariza we know he's willing to fill the 2nd unit position. I understand Beverly passed on a 3 year 50 mil offer from the Kings, perhaps not interested in a backup roll.
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    2019 Free Agency tracking thread

    Crazy price. No place for Bell here now but I would have enjoyed that pickup.
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    Kings sign Cory Joseph

    That 2nd unit is better than some of our recent starting squads.
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    Kings sign Cory Joseph

    Another 6'3" PG with muscles. I like this team, it's a solid blue collar team with no Hollywood BS.
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    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    Adios Willie, good luck with your extra curricular activities.
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    Kings sign Cory Joseph

    Great work by the front office, Joe paying dividends, and all in one day to keep us not hanging. And all the best Willie.
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    Kings sign Cory Joseph

    We have a complete team. Great mix of youth and veteran leadership.
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    2019 Free Agency tracking thread

    If it hasn't been said already amonst all these post. The East is staying strong and even KD is heading over. Love seeing some of our WC compitition struggle to get things done.
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    Kings sign Dedmon 3 years 40 million

    Very happy with the quick Dedmon signing. Vlade must know some of the other centers mentioned were not realistic targets and might have just used us as leverage. This is now a solid team with a nice mix of youth and vet experience. How far it can take us in the wild west, not sure, but the kids...
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    Trevor Ariza 2 years $25 mil

    I dig how quick this is all unfolding. Barnes, Dedmon, and now Ariza. All solid vet signings that fit.
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    Predict who will be the Kings starting Center next year!

    Don't know, but if there was some mutual interest in a reunion can't say I wouldn't be intrigued.
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    Predict who will be the Kings starting Center next year! I wonder if there's any truth to this with Cousins loyalty issues....
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    is it going to be Dedmon?

    Dedmon does make a lot of sense, especially the makes room to bring along Giles factor. Should also leave plenty of cap space to sign another mid range FA.
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    Back-up SF

    Thats pretty much my thought. I really want to see what Gabriel has to offer and think Brewer is pretty good insurance. Kings could have gone with a SF in the draft, or maybe they believe James can play there, but perhaps they believe they already have their SF backups on the team. With Barnes...
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    Predict who will be the Kings starting Center next year!

    Today I'm leaning Al Horford. He may be pushing the use by date but if I'm not mistaken he's highly respected around the league which should help keep us in games too often decided by refs. Tough WC we live in so looking at all angles, besides pretty complete skill set.
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    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    Good news. Harrison seems an allaround good addition to the Kings.
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    Predict who will be the Kings starting Center next year!

    As Tuco Salamanca so eloquently said " tight tight tight, blue, yellow, pink. whatever man just bring me" a center. Bottom line is we have some good possibilities to improve that position. I would be happy with several of the suggested barring Jordan as I have heard he's not a great teammate.
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    Kings should bid on K. Oubre

    Smart dresser, but no longer interested.
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    How will the Kings manage $59M in practical cap space

    There are several good scenarios out there but that is a realistic good looking team. Holiday is a bit small 6'6" and 180 some lbs, for a SF but I don't know his success there or if he's better suited at SG. Regardless, passing on a SF like Roby in the draft might have something to do with the...