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  1. Kings_of_California

    Cousins to Lakers

    Arrest warrant officially issued to Cousins. Not that that's like shocking news or anything.
  2. Kings_of_California

    Cousins to Lakers

    Depending on how this audio recording investigation unfolds, and combined with now two really bad injuries, I think there's a decent chance Cousins never plays another minute in the NBA.
  3. Kings_of_California

    Shooting at Willie Cauley-Stein's house

    Saw a video, police officer said one person has life-threatening injuries.
  4. Kings_of_California

    Shooting at Willie Cauley-Stein's house Oh my god...
  5. Kings_of_California

    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    I haven't been following this case at all, but having just read that the woman did NOT participate in the investigation...what? She's the one who filed it, I'm not sure I understand this.
  6. Kings_of_California

    De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

    If he wasn't going to make the team, fine. But I'll be honest, I don't like this. When Bagley left team USA I was like whatever, but both of our guys going? Just not a good look. And yes I get the whole avoid injury/spend the next couple months prepping for the coming season. It makes sense...
  7. Kings_of_California

    Cousins to Lakers

    So where do the Lakers go from here? They're gonna have to sign some scrub straight off the streets.
  8. Kings_of_California

    Cousins to Lakers

    This is unbelievable. He will play again but I think his career is close to done.
  9. Kings_of_California

    Kings add more asst coaches

    When I look up Harding on wiki there's not too much info regarding anything other than her playing career. It lists her as a scout for the sixers last year, but there's not even a little blurb about her experience with that so not sure what to expect. Hopefully she's a solid coach. I remember...
  10. Kings_of_California

    Thank you Kosta.

    Kosta had a solid NBA career and was always a reliable and steady presence. He's made plenty of money even if things don't work out internationally. I'll always remember him as a consumate pro. Happy trails big man.
  11. Kings_of_California

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

    Glad to see he landed somewhere. I always liked Frank and I'll forever maintain he never got enough minutes to prove himself. Regardless, I'll be rooting for him.
  12. Kings_of_California

    FiveThirtyEight Project Kings to Finish Last in West

    How could it project us worse than the Suns and Thunder? The Suns are the Suns and the Thunder have a starting lineup of...I don't even know at this point.
  13. Kings_of_California

    Tyler Lydon

    Jerami Grant is really solid. Otherwise, yea. Syracuse products have been pretty bad.
  14. Kings_of_California

    Westbrook traded to Houston

    There's so much juicy stuff to look forward to next season: Will the Harden/Westbrook duo work out? Will the Lakers be an absolute mess? How is a Kyrie and Durant-less Nets team? Is the Philadelphia team stagnating? How are the Kyrie-less Celtics gonna do? Will the Knicks continue to be a...
  15. Kings_of_California

    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    There's no way Buddy gets anything less than $20M per year. With the way money has been handed out like candy on Halloween, he will easily be at or above that. I think he's worth it. He has his off days but overall he's a sharpshooter and I think he can hit 25-30 PPG. Not to mention, he's just a...
  16. Kings_of_California

    Westbrook traded to Houston

    I read the funniest comment on another board: "They'll be stripping each other for the ball".
  17. Kings_of_California

    NFL 2019/2020

  18. Kings_of_California

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

    I dunno, I like Oubre. Short contract but the value seems right. He seemed to play much better in Phoenix. Wasn't he at one point considered the top prospect in basketball coming out of high school or something?
  19. Kings_of_California

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

    Bertans was one of the best 3PT shooters in the league last year. An absolute sniper. Sucks for them to see him gone and maybe for no reason if Morris doesn't come.
  20. Kings_of_California

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

    Damn, when you look at the actual list, their depth is brutal. After the first 6 guys the talent falls off like a sack of bricks