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  1. '89 Kings Fan

    ESPN 25 Win Season Projection

    Our pace was super bad last season but defense still wins games. If you sort the Kings games played last season by Opponent's points per 100 possessions, when we held opponents to less than than 112.5 points per 100 possessions (Barely out of the bottom 1/3 of the league) we were 24-17 and the...
  2. '89 Kings Fan

    Backlog at the 4 & 5

    If Joerger thinks ZBo, Koufas and Shumpert would actually help him win games he should be fired now, just to spare us the misery. Zach Randolph was the worst post defender and quite possibly the worst defender in the league with 500+ minutes. If I was Vlade, I would let Joerger know that if see...
  3. '89 Kings Fan

    Kings sign Yogi Ferrell for 2years/$6.2M

    Woot. I love Yogi Ferrel, he will be a fan favorite.
  4. '89 Kings Fan

    Garrett Temple?

    Garrett Temple had a quietly bad season on defense. Zach Randolph being the worst post defender in the league stole the spot light. Sampson is actually our best wing defender and I hope we lock him up. We should be looking at bringing in multiple wings to see who works out, Justin Anderson...
  5. '89 Kings Fan

    UPDATE: Bulls match offer sheet for Zach LaVine (NEW Poll)

    Signing a guy who was 471 out of 521 in real plus minus in a career year... Had a true shooting percentage < 50%... Doesn't play any defense... And has an injury history... But signs him because he scored 34 on us, is such a Kings move. I believe that's called pulling a Mikki Moore.
  6. '89 Kings Fan

    Elf Payton

    After all of the discussion of Stauskas over Payton, it's ironic in the end it didn't even matter.
  7. '89 Kings Fan

    UPDATE: Bulls match offer sheet for Zach LaVine (NEW Poll)

    90% of all NBA free agent signings are busts. We have a golden opportunity this year with so many teams facing the luxury tax and one of the only teams with cap space and we are going to blow it on a broken down Zach Lavine. In 15 years, the best you could say of any player signed by the Kings...
  8. '89 Kings Fan

    Breaking down the logic for the DMC Trade and the Kings Future

    One point I never see mentioned, is that Cousins stopped playing defense this year. Last year his DRPM was 13th in the league. This year it's 162. Right behind Meyers Leonard. That probably added into the decision to move on.
  9. '89 Kings Fan

    Welcome to the Kings Lamar Patterson

    He and Bryce Cotton won them that game. Bembry was invisible, Tavares was a stiff and the French guy was awful. His shot wasn't that good but he played good defense and filled up the stat sheet.
  10. '89 Kings Fan

    Welcome to the Kings Lamar Patterson

    Funny, I was thinking of suggestioning this on the personnel board. He was way more impressive than any of the three other Hawks picks in the Sunday game against the Wizards. Check out some of his passes on YouTube.
  11. '89 Kings Fan

    The not blaming Karl 100% thread.

    You're using a bunch of stats that should really only be used to compare teammates. Here is another one for you: Cousins on the floor: +3.3 Cousins off the floor -8.4 Unless you think he should play the whole 48, the issue isn't Cousins this season. There really is only one stat that matters...
  12. '89 Kings Fan

    George Karl's Wild Ride

    Well that escalated quickly. After such high hopes, this is not a well coached team. We are dead last in FT% (64.0) and Opponent's FG% (50.4). It's scary how close those numbers are to each other. We actually had a 24 second clock violation coming out at halftime, I can't remember the last...
  13. '89 Kings Fan

    [Grades] Grades v. Grizzlies 11/3/2015

    This game probably is the end of Ben's career in Sacramento. He is now posting a PER of 0.7. Worst of any starter (except Randy Foye if he's starting). And if you go to Defense Tracking, Ben has the worst defense% of any of our rotation players. At this point it's time to get...
  14. '89 Kings Fan

    [Grades] Grades v. Clippers -- 10/28/2015 OPENING NIGHT

    Well we did keep Lauren Holtkamp's streak alive. 0-7 now lifetime.
  15. '89 Kings Fan

    Eric Moreland Waived

    Agreed. We are suddenly short a big for no reason. This better be the precursor to some other move.
  16. '89 Kings Fan

    Define successfull 2015-16 season

    Playoffs. As Lando said, "We are not going to get another chance at this." Portland is a bottom team. Dallas is relying on two guys coming off of surgery, and ancient Dirk and the worst PG rotation in the league. Memphis is ancient all around, Zach Randolph is going into his 16th season...
  17. '89 Kings Fan

    Seth Curry signed by Kings

    Defensive ratings is not a stat to be used to compare players from different teams. It was also created a decade ago and we have better tools at our disposal now. For instance: Ray Defense Category Diff% Overall 5.3 3 Pointers 0.9 2 Pointers 7.5 Less Than 6...
  18. '89 Kings Fan

    Seth Curry signed by Kings

    I think Ray gets a reputation as a defender since he is not a good shooter, passer or penetrator, so obviously he must defend. But by any metric you look at he was atrocious on defense. Obviously management realized it too, (and he hadn't improved at all since we drafted him) was why he was dealt.
  19. '89 Kings Fan

    Kings and free agency - part 4

    Henry Sims is too good to be joining our crowded front court. There are quite a few other teams that can offer more playing time.