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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    I think there should be a SG ranking to see where Buddy is at. I'll go first. Harden (max) Thompson (max) Butler (max) Mitchell (assumed max) Oladipo (21M) Beal (max) Derozan (max) Booker (max) McCollum (26M) Buddy (???) Richardson (11M) Lavine (20M) These are 9 nine guys that are definitely...
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    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    Perimeter defense is very bad. Guard defense ranks 28th, forward ranks 19th and center ranks 16th. Between the PG and SG, they gave up the most 3PT made to opponent PG and SG...
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    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    WCS is likely the starter, which may be one of the reasons he chose to be with the Warriors. They always like to start a big center and he is the biggest they have right now. Even washed-up Bogut got the start over 6'9" Looney. Another the reason he chose the Warriors is that they are going...
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    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    For this team to go anywhere, Bagley has to develop a consistent 3pt shot. Eventually he has to be the floor spacer; well he has to be an elite scorer that can take people off the dribble from the 3pt line, similar to Blake Griffin. If Bagley hits his ceiling, the best front court partner for...
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    Beverly started 300 games out of 380 career games. We can go after Beverly. If the price between him and Lamb are similar, I would rather have Lamb.
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    Last season, Lamb had 284 pick and roll possessions at 73.6% percentile. Bogi had 300 pick and roll possessions at 53.4% percentile. Both are combo guards that can share duty. Lamb is probably more a point guard than Beverly or Yogi is.
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    Beverly is not that realistic. He is a two way player who was starting for a playoff team. He would not come here to be a bench player. Even if we are willing to overpay, there will be teams which are willing to overpay and offer him the starting job. Cory Joseph is attainable. If we...
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    There is. Sactown royalty just put up an article regarding defensive rebounding and other aspects. If you want more data, here is the link
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    We were a top 10 defensive rebounding team post-Barnes trade Looks like the rebounding problem lies with starting Shumper at SF, who is a horrendous rebounder.
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    Next head coach candidates

    I feel the Kings should go after someone from the Raptors coaching staff, Adrian Griffin or Sergio Scariolo. I think we need to maximize our transition offense. Our transition offense is 1st in frequency but only 10th in efficiency. The Raptors is 3rd in transition frequency and 1st in...
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    C/PF off season discussion

    Would you mind posting the transition stats of Buddy, Fox and the bigs once again? The Athletic did an article about transition offense and what I got from it is that Buddy is great, WCS and Bagley are good and Fox is under-averaged.
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    Zach LaVine revisited Second best rim attacker, ranked by The Athletic. For someone who does not have subscription, basically it says Lavines drives into the lane very frequently in which he scores very...
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    Starting lineup going forward - Fox, Buddy, Bogs, Barnes, WCS

    The team is 3rd in opponent TOV and Willie is a big part of that. He is arguably the best center in generating steals and deflections. High opponent TOV is important for us because we are 2nd in points off of TOV. I would argue that steals and deflections are more preferable than defensive...
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    Bogi and Harden

    The term was not coined and it was not measured until recently but right away it should remind us of our very own Beno Udrih. The guy is pretty unathletic but his ability to stop on a dime for a pullup jumper is very impressive.
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    Bogi and Harden

    I read somewhere that Harden has elite deceleration speed. I think it was an article on The Athletic. That's what makes Harden's step back pullup so deadly. You can copy his move but not his timing, unless you have similar deceleration speed. I don't think Bogi has that. It is very...
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    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets - Wednesday, Feb. 13 - 6PT/9ET

    The game plan called for it. Denver is a very good defensive team but defending iso scoring small forward is a weakness. Barnes actually took good high percentage shots. They just did not fall. There was one sequence when Barnes missed a point blank layup and Denver came back in transition...
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    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets - Wednesday, Feb. 13 - 6PT/9ET

    Buddy and Barnes scored on pretty low percentage. Buddy missed a lot of open shots. Barnes missed a lot of layups. Buddy and Fox combined for more than half of the team's turnovers. No one is especially good or bad in this game. Well except for Giles who is pretty bad.
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    The future is bright

    Actually it was Bjelica's defense on Collins that was a train wreck in the first 4 minutes. To be more precise, it was Bjelica and Fox's pick and roll defense of Young and Collins duo that was a train wreck. It was so bad that Joerger had to call a time out to put WCS on Collins and that...
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    Rank the players

    I already took his passing into my ranking. He has very high basketball IQ with a lot of skills. That is why he is in my second tier. For a big man to be a franchise cornerstone, he has to be an efficient finisher with high usage. In my opinion, Giles is a facilitator/opportunistic scorer...