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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Not sure why so many people were dissapointed/dissatisfied with IM2... the movie is not some hardcore drama nor does it give much chance for character development. The writing could have used some work yes, but the basic premise is that a robot goes around destroying other robots. I think...
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    There is no topic

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you for making my day. Going to use this whenever the GF bitches that I'm not doing enough/doing something bad. "Well, how bout you drive yourself to the hospital as you are leaking various fluids from your vajayjay?"
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    EC Playoffs Round 2: (1) Cavaliers vs. (4) Celtics

    See.. this was the most telling part of me. Every game I've always watched, he seemed like the most competitive guy on the court. Sort of like KG from 5 years ago, except on crack. This game truly looked like he did not give a damn. It's not that he gave up, he never started. There was a...
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant their own thread: Postseason

    Overpaying always happens... although I'm not quite sure how you would sell parker at 13 million a year. He has a championship pedigree that he was pretty instrumental at, but was only a third of the group. I wasn't sure why they gave Manu that money either... desperation? This is the same...
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    The MMA thread

    I'm with ya, but he has no equal in his division, and he would have a hell of an excuse if he moved up to face Carwin, Lesnar, or to a lesser extent, Mir. All those guys have a ton of muscle weight on him, and all have a puncher's chance that fighters in his division don't. It would be like...
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    Tyreke Evans ROTY & 20/5/5 Watch

    No, many people here just either; A. Realize that a lot of the writers/experts are absolute morons that don't really follow basketball rather than analyze its stats B. Curry has been putting up monster numbers since the turn of the year, and has been getting BETTER with each month. or a...
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    The MMA thread

    What the hell...? I absolutely despise Dana White but this is not his fault. It's not his fault that Silva is miles away better than anybody, and Dana has put everybody in front of him. This is the fault of one absolute dickface of a fighter who embarrassed his coaches, the sport and his every...
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Agreed. Different than other appocalypse movies, granted... but Oldman's character did not come across as any great or memorable villian... also,
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    Frye Entered in 3 pt shooting contest

    True as that may be, what team do you know was successfull with their C averaging more 3s than boards?
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    Frye Entered in 3 pt shooting contest

    Hell has officially frozen over.
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    Hawes=Pushover Bee Article

    My "Put up or shut up" comment was directed at Hawes. My comment on people defending Hawes to death was simply to show both sides of the coin. I believe we should be able to call out players that we feel are underperforming, or just flat out suck. I did not understand how we can call...
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    Hawes=Pushover Bee Article

    I don't see how I imposed my opinions upon others - there have been numerous times when mine, as well as other people's opinions have been very arrogantly shot down and we've been called "haters", "not true kings fans" and such. My opinion is just that - my opinion. Just like everybody else...
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    Hawes=Pushover Bee Article

    Agreed with Doc and Rhythm - the person who said that we would make the Jermain O'Neal mistake - you NEVER know. Hawes might break out next year, the year after that, or 10 years from now. Or he never might. It's an educated guess. Personally, Hawes has not given us what a Center should...
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    Official Saints Versus Colts thread

    Go Bear... awwww.... damn time machine malfunctioned. Hope the Saints beat their ***.
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    ESPN'S First Mock draft... sorta

    He's 6'11" 245... Come on man... just being inside doesn't make you brave, he has no true post game. He shows good footwork but no "moves". Does have pretty soft hands so I guess it can be taught but he is a far thing from a sure pick.
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    Sixers shopping Iggy?

    Well said. Nobody will take the albatross that is Brand, nor Dalembert it looks like. I don't know if it make sense for Cleveland altough they need guards with West/Mo out, but Iggy is in that Martin mold where he needs the ball to be effective. He's a hell of a finisher and a slasher, but...
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    ESPN'S First Mock draft... sorta

    Aldrich Unfortunately he is not athletic, his shot is about as awkward and non existant as it can be (watch him shoot FTs and try not to have a heart attack) and he doesn't really have that high revving motor that I would like the anchor of the D to have. Watched him play vs Mizz yesterday...
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    Why spencer hawes is on the bench...

    This is true, and even though I didn't expect to see Olajuwon walk out there in his third year, I was at least hoping he was stronger, more aware, and actually had post moves. I don't care if he looks goofy, I just want to see progress. So far, there has been none. FFS, if he wants to shoot...
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    Defensive Play - Can you yell in the face of your opponent?

    I don't really see a problem with it - there are boundaries, but what KG does is fine to me. Classless maybe, but nothing worth writing home about. Everybody motivates themselved differently. As long as there is no physical contact, let it be. You know, sticks and stones - these are grown...
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    Quotes from Donaghy's book (that won't be released)

    A lot of truth, albeit in a appocalyptic fashion. The refs are so bad it is comical. Bavetta is not the only one. It is a tough sport to officiate, no doubt... but what we've seen equals a sideshow. It's really taken the fun out of it for me, even though I will never stop watching. I just...