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    This is can you not love the move. We just traded HB for a potential Hall of Famer, who is still playing in his prime. Come off the bench??? No chance, incentives or not.
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    They have the choice to swap if they want
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    Dude....pretty sure if any team lost their starting forwards they'd have issues
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    Thank you Harrison Barnes

    Wish him class act and professional
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    DeMar DeRozan Rumor

    Disappointing that it sounds like this isn't a done deal and that DDR is essentially interviewing teams right now.
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    DeMar DeRozan Rumor

    So if this thing happens today, we'll be hear about it right at 12 PM EST?
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    Kings after Ingram

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    Kings picking 13th overall (formerly the draft lotto thread)

    It's crazy to think Vlade went with the fringe Euro guy but then couldn't just draft Luka who was the complete no brainer pick on all levels.
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    [Game] Kings @ Pelicans (Play-In Tournament) - 4/19 6:30PM PDT/9:30 PM EDT

    Gonna bode well for us if Fox and Sabonis can play like this all game
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    [Game] Kings @ Pelicans (Play-In Tournament) - 4/19 6:30PM PDT/9:30 PM EDT

    Kenny's painted head looks awful
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    [Game] Kings @ Pelicans (Play-In Tournament) - 4/19 6:30PM PDT/9:30 PM EDT

    You sound pretty sure of yourself. Maybe you should go place a large wager on your Pels. They are underdogs by 1.5 currently.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Trail Blazers - 4/14/2024 - 12:30PM PDT/3:30PM EDT

    As frustrating as this season has been, if we somehow can get through the play-in game and get to a 7 game series against the Nuggets, Wolves, or OKC we are right back to where we were last year, except not having to play the defending champs who own us. None of the regular season would matter...
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    [Game] Kings @ OKC Thunder- 4/9/2024 - 5:00PM PDT/8:00PM EDT

    I always thought this line never made sense on a miss.....but then again there are many things that guy says that don't make sense.
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    [Game] Kings @ Nets- 4/7/2024 - 4:30PM PDT/7:30PM EDT

    Sasha looking like he wishes he was back home.
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    [Game] Kings @ Nets- 4/7/2024 - 4:30PM PDT/7:30PM EDT

    What’s so bad about us potentially keeping the pick? I get it that it’s not considered a strong draft but you never know.
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    Stop blaming the refs...

    This post didn't age well
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    Congrats Domantas Sabonis!

    Such a beast....never takes a single play off.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Philadelphia 76ers 7:00 PM PDT/10:00 PM EDT

    We never seem to be able to shut down Tobias.