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  1. Warhawk

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Stuber. Just...don't. Was rarely funny and apparently (like many other movies) it thinks that if you drop the F-bomb often enough that makes up for the lack of real humor.
  2. Warhawk

    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    Yeah, that article has some different details. And that's the reason you post links to the article you are referring to, because nobody else may know what the heck you are talking about. ;)
  3. Warhawk

    TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)

    I'm going to be on vacation from 7/20 through 7/31 and some areas may have spotty reception - if the draft is during that time I'll try to have some selections queued up for use and check in as I can.
  4. Warhawk

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Yes, I got that. Still seemed to be … excessive.
  5. Warhawk

    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    This article? It's helpful if you link them, you know.
  6. Warhawk

    Westbrook traded to Houston

    Agreed. I can't see Westbrook playing off the ball much. Still hope it blows up in their faces.
  7. Warhawk

    Trevor Ariza 2 years $25 mil

    The Sacramento Kings have signed free agent forward Trevor Ariza, according to General Manager Vlade Divac. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed. He will wear No. 0 for the Kings.
  8. Warhawk

    Early Playoff predictions

    I voted yes - I think we contend for the 7th-8th spots. It's all been said by others, but I think the improvements with the team (both natural growth and new signings) will allow us to, for instance, more frequently win games like the 4 we lost to the Warriors last year. Each one was...
  9. Warhawk

    Cousins to Lakers

    Agreed, but I'm not rooting for him at all now, either. The man wants to play, and I'm not about to say he should forgo a paycheck. But I'm still hoping they implode and miss the playoffs.
  10. Warhawk

    2019 Free Agency tracking thread

    I, for one, sure hope it isn't. :)
  11. Warhawk

    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    Agreed. And if he didn't write it, had he said anything to anyone about not writing it even if he is credited in the book? Or did he have a verbal conversation with her (say, on the phone) and she wrote the forward from her notes or something? Maybe he didn't "write" it but she attributed the...
  12. Warhawk

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Went and saw Spider-Man: Far From Home today and we all enjoyed it. We watched Spider-Man: Homecoming earlier this week because my sister hadn't seen it yet. I like what they are doing with these films - fitting them into the overall Avengers universe while still letting them be their own...
  13. Warhawk

    2019 Free Agency tracking thread

    I'm really hoping he tells both LA teams to suck it and stays in Toronto. Meanwhile, the LA teams have missed out on some of the best FA....
  14. Warhawk

    Kings summer league

    Todays games start at 6 pm Pacific, with the Heat-Lakers game first. So yes, the Kings should start at about 8 pm Pacific.
  15. Warhawk

    Trevor Ariza 2 years $25 mil

    Sounds like the second year is a partial guarantee.
  16. Warhawk

    is it going to be Dedmon?

    Good guess!
  17. Warhawk

    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    whatever you think of the total amount, the structure of the contract is a bonus. I like the declining amounts as that frees up more $$$ in the future to sign the young guns to extensions/contracts when they are up.
  18. Warhawk

    is it going to be Dedmon?

    I really do think that the Kings will be trying to use the 3-point threat more and more. For a team pretty good at shooting it we sure seemed to be reluctant to pull the trigger at times. Having a center that can do that would be a big help with spacing. Where is the B-52 bomber when you...
  19. Warhawk

    Horford Opting out?