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  1. Gary


    Stockton Kings are a fun team to watch. There were more people there than I thought there would be. It's a real fun experience. Kind of like the Rivercats when they were affiliated to the A's. Apparently they had good attendance the whole year. The two games I went to were packed.
  2. Gary

    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    Maybe he will be more motivated, which will solve his inconsistency? Who knows. I actually think he will be fine in the GSW system. Once he's acclimated I can see him putting up the stats he put up with us. Whether or not it's a good thing with GSW, I don't know. A lot of people here rode him...
  3. Gary

    Westbrook traded to Houston

    Chemistry wise I cannot see this working unless one of the two is taking a lesser ball distributing role. I would say Harden should since Harden is the better 3pt shooter.
  4. Gary

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    I like Mika and Guy, but the rest are so-so.. I can see us keeping three guys (maybe JJ) and moving them down to Stockton.
  5. Gary

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    I like Eric Mika. Dang good rebounder and decent inside play.
  6. Gary

    Vegas Summer League (split)

    YEs but I wouldn't read much into it. Fredette averages like 36ppg in their league.
  7. Gary

    Project the final roster

    We know the starting lineup will be; C - Dedmon PF - Bagley SF - Barnes SG - Hield PG - Fox Now the main bench players I have is Bogs, Bjelica, Holmes, Ariza and Giles. We NEED to give Holmes a chance. He's a scoring machine. He might provide most of our bench scoring. 9ppg in 16mpg? Who does...
  8. Gary

    Early Playoff predictions

    Bagley is going to make a HUGE leap this year and it wouldn't surprise me if he's a 20/10 guy. I just worry about whether or not he can stay healthy! As it stands now, we have Fox 18/8, Hield 20/4 and Bags 20/10. Barnes will probably be 17/5 and Dedmon will probably be close to 12/6. That's...
  9. Gary

    Early Playoff predictions

    Oh lord who knows.. You have teams like Denver and you wonder how are they making the #1 seed in the west?!?!?! It's going to be all about the chemistry. I don't see us making the playoffs this year, but last year I thought we would win at most 25 games, so let's hope I am wrong again!
  10. Gary

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

    So I watched Zion, and is this guy like on the cusp of turning into Oliver Miller? I don't remember him being that big in college. I know he was never really a defined muscle man or anything but it caught my attention so I assume he's bigger than when in college..
  11. Gary

    Kyle Guy

    I'm not your buddy, guy!
  12. Gary

    Next season’s scapegoat.

    Bagley if he has a sophomore slump or if he gets injured again. I see people picked Barnes. Hope that isn't the case!
  13. Gary

    Favorite free agent signing?

    Harrison Barnes for sure. He's the SF we need. Allows us to keep Bogs on the 2nd team where he can come in for SF/SG/PG. Wouldn't be surprised this year if Barnes put up 18ppg 6rpg 2apg on 40%+ 3pt shooting and 85% FT shooting. This is exactly what we need.. As for Dedmon, I really want to like...
  14. Gary

    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    Oh well.. I am pissed that we didn't bring him back, but best of luck to WCS. I really did like his game, and I felt he was improving every year with us and was maybe a year or two away from being a top 10 center in the league. Oh well. Yes, I am a WCS homer. I always liked the guy and wish we...
  15. Gary

    Retro jerseys

    Oh heck yah.. Vintage early 90s.. Favorite jersey! EDIT: thought I put an image here but I guess not!
  16. Gary

    Kings sign Richaun Holmes 2/10

    Looks good in limited time, but meh.. Like the Cory Joseph signing.. Not exciting, but at the same time glad we're trying to get players that can fit in.
  17. Gary

    Kings sign Dedmon 3 years 40 million

    If I had to dole out minutes I think only Barnes, Bagley, Fox and Hield would be the only guys above 30mpg. The others should be 15-25, with Bogs being 25-30 taking most of the SG/SF backup minutes.
  18. Gary

    Back-up SF

    He's a good guy though and our players like him.. The chemistry he brought is worth more than what he gave us in the stat sheet imo. Everyone spoke very highly of him... Everyone.
  19. Gary

    Clint Capela

    Not terribly familiar with Capela (less than I should be, much less) but can he run or he more of the slow'ish C?
  20. Gary

    H. Barnes is going to stay around a while 85M/4yrs

    I was thinking that if we replaced WCS with a middle of the road type player in a guy like Dedmon then Giles shoul dbe starting before the end of the year. Dedmon is not the answer. I see people saying we need a better C to make the playoffs and Dedmon is not that player. Hopefully Giles is...