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    Cousins to Lakers

    81 games in his rookie season was the highest games he has played in thus far.
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    Cousins to Lakers

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    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    LBJ and Fox guarding one another? /Subscribe
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

    Apologies if this was posted elsewhere.
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    Favorite free agent signing?

    Dedmon dominated us when he was with the Spurs as I recall. That we do tend to make superstars out of random players. Still I'm also looking forward to what his presence can provide. As you said it's going to be a very exciting you're for us.
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    Vegas Summer League (split)

    I believe after he was cut they left them on their summer league roster to give him a chance to catch on with another team. Not positive where I read that.
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    Next season’s scapegoat.

    Just blame me
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    [KINGS] Comments about the Kings that don't warrant their own thread

    He did also mention that he needs to move the ball more.
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    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    For the record, the few pennies that were made of zinc during the early 1940s, are very valuable. Copper was at a premium due to the war effort so Penney's or briefly made of zinc and I believe coated in Copper. Some of the rarest pennies around. Just saying
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    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    I really hope I get to see the amazing baller I believe resides within him someday, whether here or elsewhere. Just from a love of the game perspective. However it may never be the path he ends up walking while in the league. Time will tell.
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    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    Always look on the bright side of life
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    De’Aaron Fox - Nike Air Max 1 “Swipa” Release

    Working in kitchens I met a lot of chefs that swore by Crocs, though I never tried them myself.
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    Does Bagley remind you of Siakam?

    Nick nurse was there G league coach for a while if I'm not mistaken. I know Jerry Stackhouse definitely was and I used to read high praise regarding him.
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    [NBA] Eastern Conference Finals

    It's hard to say how much of a difference he would make. Especially coming off a concussion followed a week later by an emergency appendectomy that went not so great. He did score in double figures 15 times and had two 20 point games this season. Just never know if a player also has another...
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    [NBA] Eastern Conference Finals

    I wonder if OG Anunoby will be able to play in the Finals. He's been out since just before the first round started.
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    [NBA] Eastern Conference Finals

    I agree with you completely. Just looking at it from the perspective of being happy for his friends/players on the Raptors, whilst also feeling the sting from everything you wrote.
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    [NBA] Eastern Conference Finals

    This must be bittersweet for DeMar DeRozan. He and Kyle are very close friends still.