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  1. Amory


    I don't come to too often any more. I just saw this today. She was always great to me when I posted stuff back when I started coming here back in the day. Even though I didn't personally know her she will be missed. <3
  2. Amory

    [Game] Kings v. Lakers - Thursday, Dec. 27 - 7PT/10ET

    Crazy! That is amazing!
  3. Amory

    DeAaron Fox

    It’s going to be beautiful.
  4. Amory

    [Game] Kings v. Hornets, 1/25/16. 7PM PST, 10PM EST.

    I can't do this! My anxiety disorder is going into overdrive!!!!
  5. Amory

    GOOD NEWS: Vasquez will miss FIBA tornament

    It's GOD news. =D
  6. Amory

    Kings vs Mavs - summer league

    Please tell me those people that were just chanting were some members. Of course, there was the sign lady =D
  7. Amory

    Ellis or Thornton?

    The problem is, if we are talking about talent then it is Ellis all the way... Everything, we have to go with Thornton.
  8. Amory

    We've made an offer to Monta?

    I didn't realize this. I HOPE we don't offer his this much...
  9. Amory

    Luc Richard Mbah A Moute to Sac for picks

    For a second? I fully support this.
  10. Amory

    Metta World Peace

    I ended up putting "Definitely" because it could be worse at this point. He also did a great job when he was here. He does have mental issues but so do a lot of other people out there. My understanding is that he already loves Sac.
  11. Amory

    Successful Season?

    I honestly don't care to win next year. I just want to see players that are hungry and a team that is cares.
  12. Amory

    Front office ... the discussion

    I was about to say leaning to unfavorable, but chose favorable because I am happy stuff is getting done. I know more will be done, so ask when the season starts.
  13. Amory

    Let Me Help You Out There Pete...

    Very well thought out.
  14. Amory

    Welcome Back Carl

    Welcome back Carl! You are a very classy player and I am happy you are here!
  15. Amory

    Kings sign Carl Landry

    Thanks for the post. The major problem I see most people having is what need does this signing fulfill?
  16. Amory

    Kings sign Carl Landry

    Please Carmichael Dave.....explain this signing to us then. I understand overpaying for ok talent, but this is going for someone we don't really see us needing. I will look over your previous posts to see what you thoughts are. It's kind hard not to be melodramatic when we are so use to being...
  17. Amory

    Tyreke's Goodbye to Sac

    He's gonna come back and destroy Sac.
  18. Amory

    Kings Fans Only

  19. Amory

    Grant and Jerry future?

    I agree. Not everyone that doesn't like Grant is one of those people.