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  1. hrdboild

    Monk is back!!!!!!!!

    I'm on board with trading Davion to pick up another first round pick -- especially if we can use that pick to take a defensive role-player to take his place. My main concern with moving off Davion as part of our rotation is that we need to be improving on defense and trading one of our best...
  2. hrdboild

    Kings picking 13th overall (formerly the draft lotto thread)

    #22 may be a bit high for Mitchell, but Phoenix does need a PG and they don't need more scoring so a defensive specialist at that position makes a lot of sense for them. I can sortof see it happening. As much as I like Mitchell, it's obvious that we have too many players stacked up in the guard...
  3. hrdboild


    I'm stoked that the Kentucky Connection is now going to be around for quite a bit longer! Fox and Sabonis are the All-Stars leading the Kings right now but Monk is the Chief Morale Officer on the squad and every bit as vital from a personality point of view. What a fantastic start to the...
  4. hrdboild

    Monk is back!!!!!!!!

    Stanley Johnson to the rescue!
  5. hrdboild

    Kings picking 13th overall (formerly the draft lotto thread)

    It's probably going to be Ron Holland and Ryan Dunn at the top of my wishlist by draft night... I would also appreciate seeing Monte take either a shot-creating guard (Dillingham, Collier, Carter, Walter, Carrington) because I think those types of players almost always build value early in...
  6. hrdboild

    Monk is back!!!!!!!!

    I'm not imagining it. Criticizing Mitchell and calling for him to be traded was a point of debate all season long on this board.
  7. hrdboild

    Monk is back!!!!!!!!

    Must resist urge for snark.... A lot of people seem to believe that trading Davion Mitchell would be addition by subtraction to the point where every time he has a good game their reaction is "good, now he has more trade value". It seems to simplify down to two main points of contention...
  8. hrdboild

    Bajaden's real 2024 Mock Draft: Part one

    I think he's probably going to go in the 20s. He wasn't just a senior, he was a 5th year senior. By the time a player gets to their fifth year of college basketball I would question how much of that increased production was just the result of having more experience and physical maturity than 99%...
  9. hrdboild

    What will it take to get better internally

    Queta played all of 149 minutes for the Kings spread out over 2 seasons. For a starter that number of minutes would be obtained in just 4 and a half games. You think after 4 and a half games worth of minutes you've seen all there is to see? So did Monte apparently. But I can't understand why he...
  10. hrdboild

    What will it take to get better internally

    Len was already under contract. Monte didn't have to cut Queta (age 24) to keep Len, he had to cut him to keep McGee (age 36). That was supposed to be a win-now move but I don't think there's any argument to be made now that McGee was the missing piece this team needed. We may have been better...
  11. hrdboild

    [NBA] The Finals

    The Gentleman's Sweep somehow feels inevitable in retrospect. Boston is just too good for Dallas and probably would have been too good for anyone in the West this year. This is probably the best outcome from a Kings point of view. Boston will coast into next season having already won their...
  12. hrdboild

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUN)

    Many around the league were also preparing for championship parades in Phoenix and LA the past couple years too.... "Many around the league" have a way of missing the big picture in their rush to be the first to place their winning bid. San Antonio needs to find Wemby a PG first and then...
  13. hrdboild

    What will it take to get better internally

    Two things can be true here: (1) As fans we're unhappy to see Fox settling for threes because over the course of his career we've seen him excel as a slasher and mid-range shooter and the increased volume of threes he took this past season negatively impacted his overall shooting efficiency...
  14. hrdboild

    What will it take to get better internally

    I don't know that perception and reality align when it comes to De'Aaron Fox's season. Let's look at what he did post-All Star break in 2024: 26.2 ppg / 5.9 apg / 5.5 rpg / 2.3 spg / 0.5 bpg / 46.6 fg% / 35.6 3p% / 82.7 ft% Let's go back to last October ... is anyone disappointed by these...
  15. hrdboild

    Keon Tyrese Ellis

    The sensible way to measure NBA playing height is to take the w/o shoes combine measurement (if there is one), then add 1" for shoes and round up. At least that way gets you a consistent basis for comparing player heights to each other. That makes Keon Ellis 6' 4.5". I'd just call that 6' 5" and...
  16. hrdboild

    Why Isn't Sasha Playing?

    If the relationship is repairable, I'd still like to see Vezenkov on the Kings next year. I think the injuries and culture shock of transitioning to the NBA held him back from ever getting comfortable. If he's healthy in year 2 he could be a break out candidate as a floor spacer, rebounder, and...
  17. hrdboild

    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    If anything I think most of the trade proposals coming from Kings fans are under-selling Huerter's value league-wide. He's 25 years old and a career 38% shooter from three point range. He also posted a 3:1 assist to turnover ratio this past season, rebounds well for a guard, and is improving as...
  18. hrdboild

    what was the last movie you watched?

    I really liked Hit Man on Netflix, though I wish I'd been able to see it in a theater. I'd just gone to see The Fall Guy the day before because I didn't want to sit in traffic for 90 minutes after work and I have a free month of AMC A-List to use up. The movies have some thematic similarities --...
  19. hrdboild

    Why Isn't Sasha Playing?

    When Monte McNair acquired the draft rights to Sasha the Kings were coming off a 30 win season and had just hired their 12th head coach in 16 years. In that context you're trying anything to add talent to the roster and see who sticks. By the time Sasha actually signed his contract with the...