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  1. SacKings7

    KF - Offical Fantasy Football League - 2016

    Hey, I'm not active around here anymore (sorry), so I'll give up my team, SK7 Bolts, to someone else who may want it
  2. SacKings7

    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2013

    Still only 13. Need whoever it is we're waiting on to sign up, otherwise the draft doesn't go ahead!
  3. SacKings7

    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2013

    There's only 13 currently. Need at least one more
  4. SacKings7

    Jimmer to Cavs for pick?

    I wonder if this original rumor was us reacquiring our own pick that we owe them?
  5. SacKings7

    Fantasy Basketball HELP

    Irving, LeBron, Curry, Cousins and Howard?? Wow, good luck to the rest of your league. I think I'd go Roy Hibbert or Chandler, since you'd then have the C position locked down and then some,and it's the thinnest position. Just my opinion, but that's a tough call for sure.
  6. SacKings7

    Kings interested in the wacky waving inflatable arm tube man

    I didn't wanna be that guy haha
  7. SacKings7

    KF - Offical Fantasy Football League - 2013

    We have 11 currently
  8. SacKings7

    KF - Offical Fantasy Football League - 2013

    Odd number of teams?
  9. SacKings7

    KF - Offical Fantasy Football League - 2013

    Venom and Kingmyc were very active players. Hopefully their replacements are just as active
  10. SacKings7

    Bernard James or Cole Aldrich?

    Seems like he's worth a flier, but has he played for Denver or Golden State?
  11. SacKings7

    LaMarcus Aldridge?

    Yes I would think so too. Perhaps a better question would be (PURELY for the sake of discussion): Given Cousins current status (no extension, immaturity concerns), would you trade him for Aldridge? For the record, I would vote no
  12. SacKings7

    LaMarcus Aldridge? I know that this is far from likely, just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this guy. Should we make an offer? Do we have the pieces to make an offer without including Cousins? Personally, I love...
  13. SacKings7

    Report: Kings may consider run at Timofey Mozgov
  14. SacKings7


    I'd give him a chance because he's still young. He really came out of college way too quickly. He hasn't had much of a chance to improve his game in the NBA
  15. SacKings7

    The SF Question

    Gerald Wallace?
  16. SacKings7

    The SF Question

    I like both of those players but not sure what it would take to acquire them.
  17. SacKings7

    Metta World Peace

    I know it's unlikely, but it makes a lot of sense since they've been shopping Deng, they've needed a SG essentially since Jordan retired, and we have a large, gaping hole at SF. With the Tony Snell pick and the Dunleavy signing, Deng is expendable if need be. Or so one would think
  18. SacKings7

    KF - Offical Fantasy Football League - 2013

    Hope not. Can't remember who I dropped last year but I remember dropping some good players due to injury. Wouldn't have done that if it was a keeper. However, I have no problem with starting a keeper league next season
  19. SacKings7

    Metta World Peace

    Deng for MT makes way too much sense for both teams
  20. SacKings7

    Metta World Peace

    He can't be a Knick if someone puts in an amnesty claim on him. The Knicks cannot put in a bid because they're over the cap (I assume)