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    Bajaden's real 2024 Mock Draft: Part one

    Can't see the reason for picking Topic unless you think Fox will bail in the next few seasons or you plan to trade him (which they won't/shouldn't) Topic is a worse fit than Haliburton was since he' can't shoot it atm. In terms of talent it's a great pick but it could turn out very similar to...
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    Grant Williams last season at the back up C spot for the Hornets was amazing in the last 20 or so games, he was basically a stretch 5 who only posted up on switches (PG/SGs) he's a very versatile player and more than just a PF if Len/back up C goes down with injury.
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    Jonas will be way too expensive for back up 5 (he is a starting level player obviously) he's at least 13+million dollar type player. Drew Eubanks is a cheapish free agent I would look at, good effort/athletic ability.
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    Following Future Prospects

    He actually moves fairly well to.....I saw him I think play for Canada youth teams before and he was terrible but his motor skills/coordination based on those highlights have come a long way.
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    Following Potential *2024* Draftees

    O sorry was talking about Izan my mistake.
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    Following Potential *2024* Draftees

    Yeah reminds me a lot of Lakers Jordan Hill he must have been awful in the G-League if he dropped from being a top 10 pick to deep 2nd he's a good player kind of strange.
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    Ingram want s a max deal that's a automatic no
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    Mario Hezonja looking to comeback to the NBA after two very successful seasons in the Euroleague (won back to back titles) not saying I would just putting it out there. Maybe he could have a Exum type comeback.
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    What will it take to get better internally

    Internal growth won't be enough the Kings need to upgrade/move Barnes and a few other pieces Sabonis/Fox/Monk?Murray is nice but they need to find their Aaron Gordon/KCP and Barnes/Huerter ain't it.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUN)

    Theres no way Doc could wait 4 years to throw a player under the bus it would have to be a weekly tournament.
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    Why Isn't Sasha Playing?

    Zeke Nanji for Vezenkov seems like a fair trade, Kings get a unproven athletic PF who is still untapped potential/young and Nuggets get a back up 4 man adding another elite shooter. Nuggets could probably throw in one of their another young/recently drafted guys not named Braun/Watson/Srawther
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    [NBA] The Finals

    The good thing about the last two finals it now shows anyone can make it there even with just 2 good to great players, there's no super teams as deep and good as Boston is they are so well rested due to the pathetic nature of the East it's not a fair fight (they never had to go to war with a...
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    2 Teams That Could Target Kings' Sasha Vezenkov

    Zeke Nanji for Sasha?
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    Why Isn't Sasha Playing?

    Its a everyday occurrence in Europe during the season ,former NBA player Shabazz Napier was the biggest example this season.
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    Why Isn't Sasha Playing?

    Petrusev was such a better fit making a fraction of the money........I'm actually more surprised Micic has not gone back either I'm assuming its back to Olympiacos for Sasha? It's a very hard adjustment going from being a star in Europe to playing in the NBA which is why role players tend to do...
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUN)

    Could be a KCP replacement (with another player I assume for defense) if KCP ends up costing over 20mil. Than again Buddy/MJP on one team yeah that's a easy no the low IQ/poor dribbling would lose any improtant game.
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    I'm not sure what Lessorts contract is 100% in Greece I don't know if the year coming up if outright signed/player option/team option but he's probably been a top 5 Euroleague big (I hated him cause he played for Partizan) he's all energy big undersized but superstrong think of Harrell/Faried...
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    Kings Go All In (w/ ATL, BKN, & UTA)

    You get 2 Allstars (in there primes) that's a obvious yes if you can get it regardless how good you think Murray will be this is one of the best trades of all-time assuming health. Can the Kings afford to keep all 4 All Stars but is a different question. Lauri alone I would do it as well...
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    The Sweet Science

    Good to see Zhang win he got robbed in his fight vs Hrgovic cause of political crap (escalation between China/Taiwan at the time), for the first 6 rounds of any fight Zhang is probably the best dangerous guy in the world. Great to see the end of Wilder one of the least skilled fighters and...
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    [NBA] West Finals

    Mavs had a way tougher road I hope they win only luck they had was Kawahi being hurt, Boston on the other hand playing in a pathetic conference played against terrible teams who even at full health which none were would probably get spanked in a 7 game series by the 7-11 seeds in the West. The...