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    Yeah, but there is no way the Kings were going to fire Mike for Jordy. That's not how things are done. That move would universally be seen as another "LOL Kings" move, and not realistic. Thus not based in reality.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (MAY)

    Word filter requests: Buddy = A-hole
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    The photo thread (pictures you've taken)

    Ahh I was out from about 10:45 to 11:30. Most of the pic I've seen from around here are just a purple hued sky(go Kings!) It's a bucket list item for me. I have a friend in Alaska I'm planning to visit once my life is back on track. Maybe a visit down under to see Aurora Australis as well.
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    The photo thread (pictures you've taken)

    Nice shot. I just got streaky white lights up here. Cool but pretty low on the "wow" scale.
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    Colby Jones

    I like what I've seen. He plays with confidence and seems to produce.
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    The Sabonis Thread

    So draymond and looney.
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    Trade Fox???

    We really need a crack pipe emoji.
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    The Sabonis Thread

    I was watching Sheed and Tyler and they put up a stat that said other players think Domas is like the 12th most overrated player. Wtf?
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    I'll give them, as an organization last year, a C+, or slightly above average. This team didnt fail, but they didnt stand out. They certianly didnt imporve. Organizations passed us, that dosent mean we are somehow better this season.
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    I like consistency. MB has had one good year and one average year. I share many of the same criticisms for him people here express. Better rotations, and timeout usage to change game flow. Willing to adjust lineups more. Who ever is in charge of challenges. I thought we should have seen more...
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    Hueter in his fatigues.
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Of all the games to nationally televise. Its ok it will keep their "lol kings" narrative going.
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    There is no topic

    So he's retiring to become KF moderator?
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    Crime at the line. "Surging" Fakers 9-1 in L10.

    Nobody beats Hulk-a-mania!
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    Stop blaming the refs...

    Nah. The refs are either really really really really really bad, or flat out biased. NBA is unwatchable.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Mavericks, Friday 3/29 7:00PM PT/10:00PM ET

    All I see is the refs dictating the game. I wish I could enjoy it but I just cant.
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    Monk feared to have sprained MCL (Update: out 4-6 weeks)

    I saw a recent interview where he clearly stated being a starter was pretty important to him.
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    Monk feared to have sprained MCL (Update: out 4-6 weeks)

    Postive twist, maybe this scares off suitors. Get well Mr. Monk
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    The 2024 Playoff Chase Thread

    Falling short of the playoffs would be dissapointing. Not looking forward to single elimination with the likes of the league face, and these injuries could be the nail. Hopeing for the best. Back to back payoffs would be dissapointing to me at this point. However they are still young, we have...